Let’s make Togetherness (=) Creativity


Togetherness is a way of life for social animals, like us. Last time we spoke about the common bond we have with mammals like Elephants. We need each other. Some people are better at connecting with people then others are. Whether it be over a certain purpose, new ideas or creative ways to enhance the world. Several well regarded books, the Bible being one, have told us that “where there are more than one gathered there I am in their midst.”

Great forces of energy are created when people come Together. The Bible, Napoleon Hill, and other greats have recognized this “synergy”. We talk about it in the business world, all the time. “Let’s get together with company BCD so we can work together on that project,we can really create something great with their engineering and our marketing.” — SYNERGY!

Coming Together with others, whether it be family, friends, new business associates or companies is a powerful force. The creators of the United Nations recognized it as well. Togetherness in solidarity, in vision, in purpose and sometimes, in force. Togetherness creates a dynamic that cannot be measured, except for it’s result. What result could you have if you come Together on a purpose?

The strongest creative force of Togetherness is creation. Creation of one human by a man and a woman (technology has allowed us to alter this a bit). Creation of a new entity or company is another example. This week we spotlight one successful company from Australia, KeepCup. Their creators are brother and sister, who saw a problem in their cafes. They were buying paper cups and tossing them as quickly as they could buy them. By the hundreds they were using trees and creating trash. OUCH! Says Planet Earth. They devised a welcoming design, colorful options and a reusable cup was made, a company and a movement started.

MOST LIFE is jumping on their vision and offering to come Together with them to reduce the footprint of the popular coffee (and tea) cup. It is one you KEEP! KeepCup is your personal signature, your favorite of 10 MOST LIFE designs. Pick one that matches your style and your sensibilities. Each use is a savings to Mother Earth. She will be grateful that you came Together with Abigail Forsyth and her brother to reduce the waste of coffee cups.


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