Your Light Shines Brightest When….

Your Success Depends on your Light Shining Brightly.

Your Light Shines Brightest When…

Success is determined by you. Your ability to BE your best self and to work with your alignment is essential, otherwise, you are just working a JOB. We aren’t happy when we just work at a job.  When our light shines bright we are working in our career….it matters to us and to others.

Years ago I was hitting myself up against a brick wall…choruses of “why don’t you just get another job”….”people like you don’t last” all sorts of messages, directly and indirectly sent my way as I struggled. My light was not shining, my light was OUT. I was struggling to show up for work. I spent time with  my supporters and sat in meetings making sure I wasn’t making enemies. It was not good! That was over 15 years ago and I had just hired my own career coach. She had a small apartment in Ft. Lauderdale and said some shocking things to me.

I learned…the hard way how to turn my light back on. I was motivated to do so after so much pain and agony of trying to be the person I was supposed to be.

Here’s what I learned about shining my light brightly.
  1. Success means working with others. Are there places where you may have a difficult time with someone? Are you holding back?
  2. What do you love doing? DO more of that! Your best self knows when it is kicking in. What do you love to do? If it is organizing, then ask your boss for a project organizing.  If you enjoy parties, volunteer on the employee activities committee. Don’t have one? Suggest it for 2017.
  3. Who do you need to forgive to move toward your best self? Is it you? Is there a time when you let yourself down? Forgive yourself. Forgive who ever is between you and your best self. Really…FORGIVE. It is the best remedy around this time of the year.
Take a deep, slow, loving look at these 3 steps. Take your time. Be with yourself this holiday season.

You are not defined by the external events of your life, your busy-ness or your trials and tribulations. You are defined by how you rise up. You are defined by how you take the lessons and mold a life that meets your highest self. You are defined by how you shine!

So, shine brightly! Your success and happiness depends on you shining brightly– SHINE!

When I was a little girl bright lights in the sky at this time of the year were meaningful. I learned to look up and see angels, lights, signs of love….let’s all shine.

SO be your own bright light.

Happy Holidays.

May the best of this year shine in your heart and the best of next year be exciting you today! Let’s get your new year started NOW!

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