Lisa’s Story: She Was Ready to Settle Forever, Then She Learned the Truth


When my client Lisa was just a little girl, an attorney came to her parents’ rescue when their farmland was threatened. To Lisa, he was like a guardian angel whose wisdom saved the day.

She was so moved by the experience that she decided to be that guardian angel for others and became a disability lawyer — a really good one.

But she was working too hard. She didn’t have control of her schedule and wasn’t making the impact she wanted.

Shortly before reaching out to us, Lisa filed for divorce. She told us she felt out of control, as though life was “happening to her.”

After our 12-week workshop, Lisa strode into her boss’s office to ask for a raise. Before she said a word, he handed her a hefty bonus check.

And you know what? She wasn’t surprised. In our 12-week workshop, women become masters of manifestation.

She got the raise, and instead of working harder, she now has four staff members assisting her — which allows her to help more people. She has become that guardian angel she set out to be.

Plus, she has more time to enjoy her children and her life.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lisa became certain of her power in a world of uncertainty. Which means she can weather any storm.

I know you’re not making the money or the impact you want in the world, especially if you feel victimized by life. Like Lisa, if you feel that things keep “happening to you” rather than for you, your soul is in prison.

I’ve set aside some time for women who are committed to freeing their souls and kicking ass in their career.

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