Listening to the OUTER voices adds – Meaning


It’s “M” week for Meaning

This week I explore the “M” in MOST and in many ways it is the entire philosophy of MOST LIFE, Meaning. We get meaning from life by following our heart and listening to our inner voice. It matters what is going on inside, there is great intelligence in our inner voice. But, what about what others are saying to us? What do we do with the messages that come from the outside? They aren’t always easy or fun, sometimes they are downright profound and helpful, maybe a bit painful. These messages can sometimes jolt us out of our comfort zone.

Messages from others are a reflection of where we are and they can be a tip as to where we need to go. The outside world brings us clues all the time. But, do we listen? Do we disregard the intelligence coming from the outside because we are too busy REACTING to our world? When we are within ourselves we can take in the messages from the outside world and decode them to extract meaning.

When we are swept up in emotions and are in reaction mode we are functioning in a place that cannot access this intelligence. Our reactionary habits cloud our access to our own intelligence. We get caught up in reacting by having habitual emotions and expectations repeated, over and over and over. This might be referred to as a rut.

Does knowing your partner is going to do something give you a reaction, even before it actually happens? That’s a habit. That’s a rut!

It is a disempowering habit and a rut because it does not serve your greater happiness! Sure, we get energy from it and strong feelings, just knowing we are going to FEEL something is not enough for us. We want the reaction. We are “addicted” to feelings, often, the ones that do not serve us. Why? The brain has had a repetitive cycle that it wants to continue. This habit forming cycle keeps us hypnotized and stuck. Let’s get unstuck!

When we react to messages or events in a disempowering way, we are short circuiting our best selves and getting attention or emotional connection in ways that pull us down. The feelings are there, but they are feelings that are pulling us down, and those around us down. We have convinced ourselves -“this is MY LIFE”! I can do nothing about who I am, I just feel this way! But is this true? NO WAY!

NOW is the time to BREAK THE HABIT!

Be the author of your life by listening and pursuing meaning. DO NOT let the author create a chaotic, disempowering story of your life. Create a life that serves your joy, serves your health, serves your soul and drives you to a better self. Get unstuck!

I have a simple review of this process on this week’s IDEAsheet.
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On my “Ahead of the CURVE,” series this week I profile one strong person who heard the voices of her customers AND her own desire to create. Her passion for art, fashion, the earth and a practical need for professional women to have cool bags for laptops and personal items has set a new tone in fashion and eco-friendly accessories.

Urban Junket, CEO, Tracy Dyer followed the inner voice and lept at the chance to create her own company with a purpose. You won’t want to miss this discussion! Watch our open and fun interview under the “Ahead of the Curve” section this week. STAY TUNED we will be releasing it Thursday & we are so excited 🙂

Meaning is the depth of life, it is what fuels us and gives us daily happiness and joy. This is a personal pursuit. You are in charge, you, the author of your life. Go get your meaning!

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