Why I Love Meetings, Really!

 I Love Meetings

Lots of folks I talk to can’t stand meetings, no matter what kind. They would rather speak in public.

You know the meetings, where others drone on about stats or obvious processes or budget shortfalls or….all the crap you now have to do that is added to an already full plate and OMG how can you possibly????

At every level of my career I have gone to meetings. When I worked as Vice President in a hospital system my physician colleagues would ask what I do all day.

“Meetings…..all day.” I said with a whiff of….of course I do. In a few paragraphs I will explain just how I get through it all and how I enjoyed it. Really? Yes, really!!

Truth be told, I really love meetings. I really love productive meetings. The main problem is that how I define productive and how you define it is so different.  


Why do we have different ideas of a good meeting?

Or even if meetings are valuable?

The obvious is that we are different people. The next obvious is that I spent the last 15 years or so passing out orders, passing down policies, ideas and change to my teams. Mostly as an executive it is how I got my work “done”.

I read contracts, called people or attended meetings, or I met with colleagues to plan meetings. That was my work.

The real reason I say I love meetings, is that two of my core values are connection and sharing.

I love connecting with people.

I love seeing them, catching up, hearing how they are, watching their faces light up when they talk about something that makes them happy. When I found my core values and deeply understood myself, my interest and affinity to meetings began to make sense.

Bring people together, share information, update everyone.

That’s how I lead. I lead through connection and sharing.

Your reaction to things you love to do at work and those things you abhor will give you precious insights into your inner being.

Listen to your inner being.

Listen to yourself.

When at work do you feel energized and alive?

When do you feel you are shining?

What are you doing or how are you being when you feel your best?

Answer these questions with a good dose of inner self-reflection and learn about yourself.

What do these answers say about you?

Where do you like to spend your time and energy?

What does that say about your talents?

Put the puzzle together.

Listen and learn about who you are.

When you know the answers to these questions, then begin to spend more time in the activities that allow you to shine.

Ask your boss for more time doing that top activity.

Are these activities that will propel your career?

Write the answers and begin to plan to spend more time where you shine.

This is one key to a fulfilling career.

Oh, and since I love to meet, how about taking the time to have a call?

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Let’s talk. The Clarity Call is free, your future is priceless.

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Now, let’s go enjoy some connection and sharing!

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