How to Create Your Mastermind Miracle

How to Create Your Mastermind Miracle


I have been intrigued by the idea of masterminds ever since I first read Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich book over 20 years ago. In the business world, I often felt the energy of a team focused on a problem, energized to solve it and pushed by vision to succeed. I knew there was something more than meets the eye. I felt the non-physical energy was more than the actual plans and documents we were working on.

Have you felt that level of cohesiveness and “team spirit” with a group of co-workers or a volunteer group you have been a part of?

Creating Mastermind Energy

The gathering of others has an elevated energy and a miraculous push toward what seemed like the impossible. The source that is generated when people come together is a miracle source.

Once I began studying more about the non-physical world, the energy world, and quantum physics, I knew the mastermind principle was so powerful and followed all the science. (it is also written in the Bible, “where more than one is gathered…)

Your ability to accomplish more than you have done so far, requires new ingredients.  The best ingredient is unconditional support from others in harmony with you. The best new additive is this miracle energy source. Mastermind energy is collective, active and will propel you in ways that are unexplainable.

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What if you could share your most compelling desire(s) and receive:

  • Unconditional Support?
  • Visualization of the outcome from others?
  • Ideas from people who have insights to help you?
  • Energy to move you forward- a psychic nudge?
  • Fresh perspective to make your dreams come alive?
  • And…give all of that to others as well!


WOW! Your struggles will melt away. Your confidence will soar. You will go for it with new energy and possibilities than ever before. Finally, you will feel surrounded by support and positivity to live the life you imagine.


The Mastermind energy that will be created will allow your dreams and ideas to to go new heights. The power of the Mastermind is a miracle. The power of others surrounding you and encouraging you is like no other place.

I have seen the Mastermind miracle work in groups I lead and groups I have been a part of…it works!

Do you have your own Mastermind? Tell me about it in the comments below.