Mirror, Mirror on the wall? Who am I?

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We’re into Kickass Career time where we had the first “K” for Knowing, the “I” for Integrity, and now we are on to the “C” for Clarity. Your own Clarity is where your power is. Clarity means everything. For those in the career workshop, I’ve seen this come to light in amazing, amazing ways!

The first step we take in any entity for Clarity is the “Mission Statement”. With your Clarity, we focus on the PERSONAL Mission Statement. There’s nothing better than sitting and asking yourself key questions to get clear on who you are! What makes sense to you? What you enjoy doing? Some of the best Clarifying questions are, what don’t you enjoy doing? What doesn’t work for you? What do you not want to have in your life?

When we know what we don’t want, we get super clear on what we do want! I’ve worked for a long time in my career and I was really good at getting stuff done, but that’s not really who I am as a person so I had a burnout, frustrating, feeling like I was going nowhere. When I got clear on who I am and who I was, I was able to approach my work with a lot more personal power and satisfaction. What I found out is that I truly enjoy lifting and elevating others. I recognized this reflecting on when I was a little girl teaching kids in the neighborhood how to ride a two-wheel bike without training wheels and a grateful parent giving me a dime for payment. I was over the moon with the feelings and want to feel that as much as possible. It is where my BIG energy is!

Later, I went into nursing because I wanted to help people. Actually, once I got to be a nurse, I didn’t feel like I was being all me.  Helping patients was great. Learning fancy machines and fancy medicines and how they affect people was really fantastic, but I felt a yearning for more, so I went into the business side of healthcare. That was much more interesting to me and how my brain works, and operating a business felt good.

What I really missed was the reason why I went into nursing, helping people. As a manager my team needed me more than just to get things done. My team needed me to help elevate them and grow them and nurture them in the right direction. I finally got clear on who I am “I am a people elevator”.

When I was able to add, not only add but put that at the top of the list of who I was as an executive and a manager, my job became much more fulfilling. I didn’t have to change careers; I just had to make a shift to get CLARITY on where my power comes from. It comes from elevating others. Yes, I can get stuff done. Yes, I can be good in meetings. Yes, I can carry the company flag!

When I got real clear on elevating others, the whole world changed for me. Soon enough, I finally figured out that I needed to help others even more, so I started Most Life, and now Kickass Career! I want you to get clear on who you are. Get YOUR FREE Downloadable Ebook Here!!

“Your 30-Minute Mission Statement”

It’s the best way to get clear! It’s part of my workshop, but I’m offering it to you so you can have the best way to get clear on who you are! That’s where your power is. DOWNLOAD the IDEASheet, get clear and get your full power. That’s the way to have a kickass career!