Mo’s Best of 2016

Oh, what a year of growth! Lots of Bests!

I want to share my best reads and listens with you as a year end wrap up to Mo-tivational Mondays!

Has this year been your best? I hope it has been! Think about where can you notch it up!

Ever since I was a young girl, reading and learning have been my refuge. I have read a lot this year! My Book Club knows it. Lives get changed by reading books. My all time favorite, Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” is an all time success manual. Not only my life, Oprah’s, Tony Robbins, my son, many clients….. If you haven’t read this book. Get it now, make it a 2017 priority.

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My best of 2016 (not all these books are new). These books will change your life and shift your awareness, maybe enough to change a job, attract more money, decide on an iffy relationship, and get the life you want.

My best reads of 2016 are:

The “Year of Yes” By Shonda Rhimes. Creator, writer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. She runs ABC TV, her story of her year of YES started when her sister heard her say NO to a very big invite. Shonda Rhimes’ life took a big turn and she expanded as a person by saying YES all that year. Her writing and descriptions of her kick ass life are very inspirational.

The Biology of Belief, By Bruce Lipton,PhD. Fellow Hay House family member, this author has researched and studied cells all his life. A former medical school professor, his research on cells will change you forever. By the way, you will understand why your body is the recipient of your stress and how it truly affects you. Your sixth grade science will be turned on it’s head!

As a Man Thinketh, James Allen. This book is as basic as Napoleon Hill’s work, it was written before Hill’s book and it is a must read, at least once a year! It is advised to remind yourself how the Universe really works. The teachings are basic consciousness and Law of Attraction fundamentals. We now know the physics behind this work. James Allen was a pioneer. I could quote the entire book on quote cards!

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joseph Dispenza. Building on all the above authors’ work, Dr. Dispenza nails the entire reason why we think and act like we do. The thought patterns are encoded in our cells, felt in our body and our body becomes our mind. Our body becomes our feelings and the reason why we act as we do. This book will change your life, if you open to the teachings. I now use these techniques in all of my coaching. This is truly how we can create our subconscious programming.

You want to change your career? Have a happier job/ work environment? Always read a book that opens your mind. Think to yourself, how can I apply this work? Ask yourself,

“Am I shutting my mind to this and letting my gremlin mind take over?”


1) Always surround yourself with better thinking tools and techniques.

2) Read every day.

3) Read something that makes you think, stretch and grow.

4) Be a learner and do things that make you a bit afraid.

5) Be your own advocate, don’t wait for someone to open your life for you, you must do it!

6) Open your life to new by opening your mind to new ideas, thoughts and techniques.

We now know how to alter our limited thinking, we know how to change your lives, use what we know!

Happy New Year to You! May 2017 be the best yet!

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