Mo’s Journey through Cancer and her Marathon redemption!

This week on our “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature ME 🙂 Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought I would share my personal Breast Cancer journey, from marathon to marathon. I asked my good friend, Nicole Xiques co-founder of The Unguarded Heart to turn the camera to me so I could share my story.

Six years ago I heard the words no one wants to hear, “you have cancer.” Since it was found in my annual mammogram screening, it was caught early. Watch the interview and learn the challenges and purpose that drove me through my recovery. You don’t need a double mastectomy to find purpose in your life and Live Your MOST LIFE!

I had a positive result at the age of 46, many are younger!Promise me, though, that you will remind all the women in your life to get their annual screening mammography.

Get your breasts checked now and those you love, remind them with a hug!!