Mo’s Meditation Series #1- Control Your Mind

your mind is hurting you

Your Mind May be hurting you…you can change it. You can meditate to fix it.

Everyday, probably the exact same times each day, your body does the same things.

The body and the mind is a completely predictable system.

Usually, it is full of habits based on what we do each day.

Really…it is chemistry, neurophysiology, pharmacology and physics.

The mind and body are controlled by chemicals in your body.

Chemicals that are released when we are confronted with stress– create a cascade of reactions that we know happen.

Relaxation causes reactions in our body and stress cause different reactions in our body.

But…usually, we are confronted with stress.

Our brain and therefore, our body get high-jacked into a stress filled haze.

The body reacts, the blood pressure goes up, the heart rate increases, the mouth gets dry, the stomach slows and the BRAIN shuts down non-essential functioning.

We are not at our best at all under stress.

Our brain shuts down the best part of it– the frontal lobe.


Your mind doesn’t want to hurt you, but it does, when you don’t know how to control your mind/ brain.

Not to fear….we can change all that!

Yes, you super hero, you can change that!

You can learn to gain control of your stress response, bring the energy vibration of your higher self up and control your reactions!

You can do this with a special technique called MEDITATION.

Meditation is essentially a practice of controlling the run away stress response.

Meditation may seems like a thing we may do at a retreat or after yoga class.

Meditation seems to elude people.

The benefits happen after we relax the body.

So on this beginning Mo’s Meditation Series, I will start with:


Watch my Facebook live Monday May 7, 2018 for the exact techniques.

I will demonstrate them at 5 PM EDT.

Here are the steps to take>>>>come ready to learn.

Relaxation starts with the Vagus nerve being stimulated.

This nerve runs from your diaphragm to your brain.

The diaphragm is the large muscle separating your chest area from your abdominal area.

Simple job— to breathe.

But, many of us use the chest and shoulder muscles to breathe and that tells the body we are under attack,

Let’s get that diaphragm moving, let’s get the Vagus nerve stimulated and tell the body all is well. This nerve, when stimulated tells the body it is time to relax.

We get a dose of acetylcholine beginning to circulate in our body and this natural tranquilizer makes us feel good.

Our heart and breathing can become synchronized, our blood vessels relax, we can digest our food better and our frontal lobe in the brain gets more blood flow. The frontal lobe is our creative, problem-solving and executive functioning area, it also is what makes human brains unique…it is the area of the brain which allows us to observe our thoughts and have self-regulating behavior.

This allow you to make CHOICES!

The technique:

  1. Put your hands on your belly.
  2. Push your belly out with an inhale
  3. Take time to inhale fully, at first this may be awkward….you probably haven’t breathed like this in a while.
  4. Take a natural exhale and the belly will fall in a bit.
  5. Take time to make slow breaths so you can really feel the diaphragm push the belly out with an inhale and relax with an exhale.
  6. Inhale to a count of 4, hold for a count of 4 and then slowly exhale to a count of 4.
  7. Practice this breath work for 5 minutes every day until it becomes easy and you can actually isolate the diaphragm muscle in your body.
  8. Repeat as often as necessary to feel better.

Enjoy your new found control of your mind!

Enjoy the new found control of your body!

Next session, Part 2, How to Meditate.

Stay tuned for all 4 Sessions.

I demonstrate this in the Facebook Live Monday May 7, 2018 5 PM EDT.

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