My Maggy and How She Changed My Life.

My Maggie Changed My Life

I am heart broken…

13 years ago I felt an urging that I never had- never in my life.

AND– this urging I felt deeply.

I was ready to do something I had never done.

The pain of not following this urging seemed too big.

I didn’t even know why I was feeling it— but I knew it!

Deep inside I wanted something different.

I felt a calling.

I wanted to feel better.

I wanted more internal and external happiness.

Where do you need to listen to your inner being?

The coaches I had for a few years prior helped open me up to knowing what I wanted and what I was capable of.

I felt the shifts from…

Being what I was supposed to be (you know that feeling?)-

Being what others expected of me.

Doing what I was good at, but wasn’t sure it was what I wanted to do.

Making ok money, BUT, I knew I could do better (or should do better).

Feeling micromanaged, feeling like my decisions could be better if I didn’t have 15 bosses.

I felt trapped, small and wanting more.

The teenager at home made it ever more important to change.

So– I did it.

I followed my heart.

I allowed myself a big move.

A move I had never made before—EVER.

Where do you need to listen to your inner being?

I got a beautiful wheaten terrier puppy.

Maggy lit my heart up.

My first dog ever.

The best dog, always the heart of the home and never needed to be more than a dog.

She was loving and fun and liked to run with me.

She was the love of my life in many ways.

She helped me stay in touch with the present moment.

She saw my routines as she anticipated my every move.

She didn’t always eat well when I was gone—loving the entire family to be together for her to feel good.

We all loved her– she was loved by all.




She died this past Monday– her body giving out.

We knew it was close.

The empty feeling reminds me just how much she was in my life.

As she did when she was alive.

My clients saw her in the videos, the best coached dog!

Where do you need to listen to your inner being?

I will miss her forever…..she reminds me what love is, each day.

She reminded me of present moment awareness.

I did make a bold decision 13 years ago!

It changed my life.

I will continue to follow my inner guidance–over my head.

It is now what I help my clients do and how to be.

Dogs have a way of reminding us how to be connected with our highest selves.

I have a hat that says…”Wag more, bark less.”

I will and I will love more and trust my soul more because of her.

Where do you need to listen to your inner being?

Follow your inner being…..WAG MORE, BARK LESS.

Find your connection to you.