Do You Need to Bring Your Soul to Work?

You’re working hard, and I know you feel like you can’t go anymore. Sometimes you think “they” will notice how great and dedicated you are. “They” should, you have put in the long hours and go the extra mile but you still feel invisible! You can look around and see that you are the best, you may even think, “man, what would they do without me?”.

I’ve been there, I remember feeling so confused and even betrayed. That’s why i’m now a career coach because I finally figured it out and been helping hundreds of folks reclaim themselves and their careers.

By bringing your soul to work, you can change these patterns and learn how to see a different way. When I was working hard and going unnoticed I wanted to shout, “if it isn’t being smart and hard work that gets me ahead, then I give up!”.

If you are like how I was, you may start to think that you can’t figure out office politics. I even convinced myself at one point that I didn’t even want to level up. That meant more work, longer hours and how I wouldn’t be able to fit in, I just wasn’t like them.

If you feel that way too ask yourself these critical questions to take a step back and see if you can shift to allow more success for you!

  1. Am I overextending to prove my worth?
  2. Am I doing work that isn’t truly part of my role? Have I reached into other tasks to “save” someone, or to prove I am invaluable?  
  3. Have I trapped myself into the feeling that I have taken on so much that doesn’t serve my role?

If you are feeling any of this, I’m here to tell you that you must bring your soul to work!  Bring your soul to everyplace you go to, let it show up. You can feel it, right? We all have it! We all are awesome and gifted and brilliant. Now is the time to find it and come alive! Start by finding your best self with the 30 minute mission statement.  

Many of us have been shut down and diminished. We have been taught that it is not polite to be smart, fun and in charge, and yet we say we want more. This inner yearning of wanting more is our soul trying to show itself! The inner guide has gone to sleep. We must wake her (him) up and say hello again.

If you are ready to reach for your greatness now. I created a new (and free) training to teach you how to bring your soul to work, watch it now! 5 Shifts To Bring Your Soul to Work and Land Your Dream Job.

Wherever you go, bring your soul to work! I want you all to find your soul, bring it to work and succeed in a new way, at a new level.