New Job Means New YOU! Ready?


New Job Means a NEW YOU!

Wanting more in life requires being more.

Yup– and I spent my life working on me.

Whether it was the hundreds of repetitions of hitting a tennis ball against the garage door late in the evening…hoping for that Wimbledon Tennis Championship or late night layups in the driveway wanting to seal a victory for my team.

I was born with an innate sense of working on my skills.

The hundreds of books and countless conferences hardly touched the surface….but then…. I put it all together.

As a young nurse I studied and studied.

When I rose to the ranks of health care business professional I subscribed to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune magazines. I read them riding the stationary cycle in the basement.

In my later 20’s and 30’s I took my career seriously and figured I could get my exercise in and reading time.
I would be better. I needed to be a better ME to be in a bigger job and to have greater success…in every area!!

I became better…..inside me there was always a feeling of more….some days it was a bottomless pit, some days I was happy with myself for commitment and some days I was able to gain that next level.

Each day in my work as a Career Coach I help my clients achieve what they couldn’t do on their own.

We go inward, we review outward steps and strategy and we recreate NEW versions of these kick ass ladies!! Each week……

Building their souls…the most powerful part of us.

Building new thoughts and beliefs. We operate each day from these conditioned patterns.

Building new thoughts and feelings and beliefs that allow for NEW ways of processing our perceptions and taking action!

New filters on life and new beliefs allow for us to take new action…..

Building new skills in interviewing, presentation, speaking for oneself, negotiating raises, new roles etc…

These building blocks are necessary for my clients to create new path.

New career.

New self.

New sense of excitement for the future.

What is it like to show up at work and know you are valued?

Listen to Kim’s Story of Being Her Real SELF.

What is it like to show up at big meetings and know you contributions are valued?

Listen to Judith’s Story….. She learned how truly valuable she is!

What is it like to LOVE Mondays?

Listen to 4 women who soared HERE.

What is it like to own your day and know exactly how to own your emotional and mental state?

Read here to learn my Meditation Basics Instruction.

Ask my clients what it feels like.
See what is possible for you in their words.

“I wouldn’t be here…..I see things differently, I show up differently, I get different responses from people…..”

“I dove in because it was new and full of hope and possibility for a new life.”

“It brought me to my better self that I lost over the years as I aged.”

“The techniques allowed me to be free of the things that were holding ME back!”

When we are vulnerable and loved and supported in our growth we can go through the difficult times of recreating ourselves and coming OUT BETTER!

Dream Job, Dream Life and..…..she set up her email signature with one of the best phrases we use when we know how to tap into our highest self!

Enjoy the inspiration and some easy listening!!

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“Thanks Mo ….What a journey it has been! So happy to have made this investment in myself and meet such wonderful women along the way. Mo, you have an amazing course and talented staff. I am honored to be one of your grads now! Take care and of course this is not goodbye to you either!”

A.M/ Director, Healthcare.