New Year New You

This week we cover “M” for meaning, it is the first letter of MOST LIFE and it is no coincidence that it ends and starts this year.
This time of the year we are given a  gift of closure as the year comes to a calendar close. This is a natural opportunity to reflect and plan. I always take the time to do year end and year beginning thinking. It is one of the most important uses of time. The nay-sayers will say, “why bother, it doesn’t matter”. Well, I say, of course it matters, any definite plan or thought(s) you have, especially when you write it down is worthwhile and sets in motion both conscious and subconscious action toward your plans.
(I have included the extra special IDEA Sheet in this email to guide you.)

That’s what MOST LIFE is about and that’s why I created this- to create guides and tools to share with YOU to get you to your MOST LIFE.

One of the TOP GOOGLE searches this year were for the questions,  “Who am I?” and “What is life?”
We are obviously very interested in getting more MEANING out of life. Time spent with ourselves on these questions is an important investment in our life.

Many of my plans and goals HAVE come to fruition and MORE! I am proud of the regular practice I have been doing since I was in college. Truthfully, it was my fear of being a real adult and what was my first year out of school going to look like that got me involved in planning. I had fun thinking of my independence and getting my first nursing job in Pittsburgh.
I had so much fun, I kept researching more about goals and planning and have made a regular practice of–plan, execute and enjoy. Even if it doesn’t all come together, it is fun dreaming and if you plan to achieve something and do fall short, you are likely ahead of anyone with no PLAN! So, plan, it moves you forward.

Everyone is thinking resolutions, well, let’s take it up a notch.

I have included an extra special IDEA Sheet this week to help you guide your reflection and planning. I am also very eager to hear about your success at your reflections.

You have the ability to define your life exactly how you want it…
All the Best–and Happy NEW YEAR to you!
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