Is that next Career move really scary?

We can really get ourselves twisted up into a situation, can’t we?


You know that it’s wrong. We keep efforting to make it better. After all….who would ever hire us the way we feel? I haven’t been able to get a promotion or get recognized HERE, what makes me think I will get ahead somewhere else? So we keep on putting up with “status quo”. We tolerate being belittled, bullied or just plain bored.

You disdain Monday. How do I know? Been there, wore the stress and pain, had all the symptoms.

Here are some facts:
  1. Your sense of self-worth is embedded in your job.
  2. The ability to change others and make things different for you is limited.
  3. You feel continued frustrations and stress that create an energetic pattern, making you sick and TIRED!
It’s the end of the day totally spent, no more outings with friends. Just TV, the iPad and a glass or two of wine. It’s not enough to numb the pain.

Is this what life is supposed to be?

We begin to buy into the worldview of work. It’s called work, isn’t it? Everyone complains.

We begin to buy-in to the self-view we develop. Maybe I am not promotion material. No one is getting raises anyway. There aren’t any jobs for me.

Literally, the thoughts and feelings are fired are wired together in your brain, the feelings create a chemical pattern in your body and soon, the feelings are so “normal” we think it is just the way it is.

So we stay in a work environment that doesn’t feel good.

This status quo is literally memorized in our bodies as normal. Oddly, this is exactly why we don’t leave. Because we are so used to this feeling. We are addicted to it.  It defines us!

We are defined in our own minds by the feelings we have become so used to. In the groundbreaking books “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” Dr. Joe Dispenza lays out this most magnificent way our body creates our reality.

During my FREE Clarity Calls I begin a new process of wiring a new self, a new future. Once you get the pain of where you are, you are seen in it, and you can imagine a new possibility, you have begun the pattern of making a new reality possible.

Every day I see a marketing manager starting a new job and she gets to know herself very deeply, now able to rewire a new self. This profoundly moving transformation is just like the attorney who finally puts her name in for a promotion.  A property manager finally approaches her manager with a desire for more. Newly divorced, she knows if her family is going to have the life she envisions, it is up to her. She is now energized and sees the possibilities.

The new you is scary because you don’t know how it feels.
You may have forgotten, or you may have never felt it. This new feeling state is scary, like the haunted house on this Halloween Day, you don’t know what will jump out at you as you walk down the corridor of the new you.

So, rather than facing this scary new you, you retreat back to what you know. I know it, you know it and all the science points to why you do this. The feelings in your body change when you no longer have stress. You don’t know how to feel good all the time. Even though it is good, it is new and scary. As soon as you feel better your body goes into withdrawal from the habits you have had for years. It is scary when we feel something new.

This is exactly why when we parachute jump we are with an experienced jumper and we are literally strapped to them as we jump. Reminded of exactly what to do, reminded of the critical steps, because as we fly through the air experiencing something new, it is disorienting and we need to have the help to guide our moves and reinforce our new identity.

The magnificent you is hidden inside after years of being stifled,

pinched off and pushed back down. You will need help to redefine your career.  You will need help to encourage you to look for something new.

This week we celebrate scary and we also celebrate the fun of being something else. We put on costumes, masks and have some fun with a new identity. But, we are playing.

This week, try on a new you. Rather than a Halloween mask or costume, try on a new you.

But, just like going through that scary haunted house or jumping out of a plane, do it with someone who can stay with you during the change.

Take your chance to redefine yourself and make the move before your life goes any further.

There are hundreds of folks out there who have redefine their careers and self through my coaching and program, is it time for you?