Why Being the “Noticer” Creates More Success

Can we get this out of the way before we talk about your success. You are what you think about, and you attract more of what you put your attention on.

Yes, that internal dialogue does not get hidden from any of us. We are magnets to how we feel and think.

Your thoughts create your reality, your habits are formed by your thoughts and feelings and soon, reality is formed. As a matter of fact…your external reality becomes an attractor for how you think.

Remember when you bought your last new car? All of a sudden, that car was everywhere Did the dealer have a promotion and everyone in your area bought that car? That car showed up more often! WHY? Puzzled? Let’s explore!

Your brain has a part of it called the reticular activating system (RAS).

This part of your brain filters your entire world and brings to your attention to those stimuli that are relevant. This happens in the subconscious brain. The subconscious brain processes 20 million bits of information per second….try that on your excel spreadsheet! Nope!

The RAS brings you what matches with your thought patterns of other subconscious thoughts. All our waking (and sleeping) time, match, yes, no, yes, no. We are filtered and receive into our awareness what matches.

Ever have a driver cut you off and you think…”wow, they are in a hurry…bless them as they reach their destination!” OR, did you think “that m—ff–$%^*%)*” And off you went into stress response mode…look in the mirror…who are you really upset at?

To top it all off, what the RAS brings us, we attach meaning to and then we expand and amplify it. It becomes larger in our mind and emotions surround it and whamy– we think this is how the world really is…..”see, I knew it!” we say.

That’s why being the “noticer” is an awesome way to accelerate your success.

What? Yes….This week notice how great people are around you. Notice generosity, notice courage, notice people stepping in to assist others.

Notice all the beauty around you. Think about how cool it is that you have a chair to sit in, a phone to look at (24/7). Look to see how awesome your world is around you. Be the noticer of other’s greatness.

Really bring it on, focus this week.

SO often our external world brings us so many things to react and respond and stress over. We are on a safari hunt each day, dagger in hand for that next lion to leap on us.

Take a break from that stress response for this week. Instead….make a choice to notice awesome, courage and beauty. Be a real change agent and lover of humanity and speak what you notice.

“Hal, you were really awesome in the meeting this morning.”

“Sally, that was great that you stood up and mentioned that backlog in accounts payable so we can address it.”

Be the noticer of all things that bring your energy up.  Speak and share what you notice to others to connect the energy. You will feel better. And when you feel better….you attract more of that.

How cool is it that your brain works like that and the world works like that. You are in charge of the energy you put out and you can change it today by noticing awesomeness in others!

Let me know how it goes!

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