One Thing To Do All Year Long…Now

Each day we have one choice and most of us screw it up.

Many of us blow it, right out of bed.

Many of us don’t understand just how crucial this one thing is.

So, we do the same thing every day, think of all the obstacles and barriers we have in life.

Do you know that this is everything?


This. Is. Everything.

One thing you really need to do ALL YEAR…..everyday.

Manage how you feel.

You do make choices every single day.

When you wake up, do you immediately go to the worry, the pain, the problems?

Do you chose to focus on these?

I know worry…I’ve been fired, I’ve been reorganized out,  I’ve had cancer, debt, jobs that were horrible. Trouble with kids, weighed too much (oops, still do, working on it!).

The best thing you can do to move forward in life, have more inner peace and feel like life is working for you….is to….


One thing to do each day…all year long….chose to feel good.

I have a saying that helps the mind and heart to switch to feeling great!

“Everything Always Works Out for Me.”

Say it, believe it and act like it does.

Because it does.

Your life works out exactly right.

Messages, lessons and leverage to move when we get pain and outcomes we don’t want.

When we take it all as information, we can use the negative.

Don’t like the way your pants fit? Exercise and eat less.

Don’t like the way your career is going? Get that resume, LinkedIn profile and get a new job!

Don’t like your friends? Change them.

Move forward. Move forward with a great feeling inside.

When you take a stand for yourself and CHOSE TO FEEL GOOD, life goes better.

When you chose your feeling state as the top priority, life starts working for you.

One thing to do all year….chose to feel great.

Have a great week and let your choices be for your feeling state.

BOOK A CLARITY CALL for your next career and life move!

It will feel great!