Organize Your Bathroom! What Chemicals Are In Your Beauty Products?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of the 8 MOST LIFE themes, this week it’s “O” for Organization.

We are Organizing the bathroom, let’s get informed on what we are rubbing, smoothing, and coating on our body. Look out, it could be the source of your headaches, tiredness, sinus problems or hot-flashes.

Soon after a big life event, especially one that is life-threatening we take stock of our life. What can I do to not have this happen again? What was my role in this? Is there something I need to change to live the life I REALLY want?

This week, I feature Eve Stahl, a woman who came to my rescue when I needed to get rid of chemicals and toxins. I was pointed to the FREE resource at they are a “watch dog” of sorts to score and assess the levels of toxic or disruptive chemicals in items I was using every day. This opened my eyes and I quickly changed nearly every product I used. Download the app from EWG.ORG to your phone!

We all need to clean up our bathroom routine, and I finally have. In the process I got to know Eve, who pioneered chemical free skin care. She is the founder and maker of Garden of Eve Skin Care. Her story is fascinating! LISTEN to our interview. Her story will move you and she cares about toxins in your skin care products.

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I came to understand that lotions and creams, deodorants, toothpastes all are absorbed into our body. Lotions and creams are engineered to be better absorbed. So, they are driven into our body with chemicals. What happens when those ingredients are toxic and change the functions of our body?

Listen to Eve’s interview here!

Visit to score your cosmetics, like I did.

Let’s Organize the chemicals out of the health and beauty products we use!

This week’s IDEASheet will help you take charge of your chemical intruders.