The Lie of Putting Others First


Putting Others First and Other Lies

Years go, sitting on an airplane, overloaded with stress on the way home from a long business trip, I had an AHA moment. An aha moment that shook me to my core.

The pre-flight announcement came on…blah, blah….blah (tune it out this is my 3,456th flight!).


“Put your oxygen mask on first….”

Lights came on in my over stressed heart and soul.

That’s it!

My stress level was because so many people, places and things demanded my attention.

So many small and large priorities took my energy away from me and there was never enough coming in to fill me up.

How could I be happy and successful if the very energy I was given each day was being taken away from me, as I willingly gave it all to others.


All my life, since my very first days I was told to be polite.

Polite I am!

All my life I was told to make sure everything is taken care of and people are happy.

Well….I work really hard at that, but…$%^&%^&*(){

It is impossible.

My feelings of being lovable and loved and successful are tied to that conditioning.

All my dear sweet life I have given time, attention and frustration to make sure others are ok.

It is what drew me into nursing.

It is what allowed me to be a great manager, excellent work ethic, show up early, stay late…do whatever it took to get “the JOB DONE!”.

We have all been told this lie.

Why is it a lie?

Because it causes so many of us to stay in jobs, relationships, etc that rob our very soul we are trying to save.

Putting others first forces our good intentions and energy to be depleted.

The lie of needing to put others first defies all the great aspects of life.

We must love and care for ourselves deeply in order to care for others.

We must be the highest version of ourselves to be the best mother, manager and human we can be.

When we don’t put ourselves first and we stay in the lie we risk:
  1. Chronic health conditions (our body trying to get our attention).
  2. Lifelong agitation and poor personal relations.
  3. Bad bosses and toxic work environments. (We are brought into a vibrational match with how we really feel inside.)
  4. Staying in bad or toxic work or personal relationships.
  5. Robbing all of our loved ones of enjoying the best aspects of our heart, soul and life.

This lie costs us health, joy and money.

Every day I see my clients climbing out of the hole of a life depleted and zapped of inner joy because they were given rule book that included:

  1. Put others first.
  2. Take time away from you and care for everything around you.
  3. You don’t deserve love until you’ve gotten it all done.
  4. You don’t deserve love until you’ve gotten it all done perfectly.
  5. Don’t miss something or you will be berated or yelled at.
  6. Don’t talk too loudly or be too smart —others won’t like you.
  7. Don’t have emotions you can’t control them and they aren’t helpful anyway.
  8. Crying is for weak people.
  9. Use your brain, can’t you see the answer?

I’m talking many clients who are successful, thriving on the outside and meanwhile they have nothing left. AT. ALL!

But, this can be cured.

Yes!!! This can be changed forever.

There is a solution to cure your inner self and your career.

The solution is so simple it eludes most people.

The solution is so counter to what we are taught and what we believe that is escapes most people.

The solution is the basis for all my coaching and for my aha moments and lasting fulfillment.

The solution is what I finally put together after my breast cancer journey.

The solution is hardly noticeable to others BUT it is a major internal shift.

The solution is simple, but not that easy.

The solution comes up against how most people live.

We live in an energetic universe. (Thank you Albert Einstein and others.)

We have an energetic being.

I call this our soul.

Our energetic being is connected to all others through or energetic universe, let’s call this the quantum field.

We must be responsible for our own energy body.

When we are living in harmony with the unseen, energetic world.

When we think and feel good and happy about ourselves we live a good and happy life.

When we are running around trying to solve everyone else’s life and problems and working our asses off trying to prove our worth we are living in lack and smallness.

Time to change!

Time to see the beautiful whole you.

Time to correct the lies you have lived with and claim your SOUL!

Time to have a soul makeover and put yourself first.

The truth is….running around to make everyone else better doesn’t work, EVER!

The truth is…..being desperate not to disappoint others never works, you eventually will.

The truth is….when you are aligned with your soul and know who you are, and put yourself first, you can truly live and work in peace, joy and happiness.

The truth is….it is living in your alignment that allows your genius self to solve problems, make decisions, earn better money, serve clients, be a wonderful mom and wife and friend.

Everyone is waiting for the whole you to emerge.

Those who love you want to see you!!!

Those who are using you will be very unhappy that you figured out the lie!

Figure it out.

Put yourself first.

Live the life your soul is yearning for.

Take the journey that hundreds of women have and be a part of the greatest tribe of women around the world!

Be KICK ASS and bring your soul to work and everywhere else you go!

One educator and kick ass woman graduating from my workshop, now in a wonderful new job in Florida,

“I highly recommend Coach Mo Kick Ass Career Coaching for anyone who is tired of being sick and tired of not receiving their personal best. If you want to rid yourself of limiting beliefs stagnant relationships a lifeless career Coach Mo will provide the tools to teaching you how the Law of Attraction yields us an amazing life.”

Thank you, Juliet!!

Bravo to your growth and success!

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It is time to stop the lies that are hurting you!