Love & Praise From Those Who Have Grown

Client’s are achieving their dreams every day.
Below, I share a few wonderful examples of what’s possible. You ONLY have to say YES to yourself to invest in yourself!

I met Mo a little over two years ago….I learned of her recent resignation from corporate America. She had her own dreams that she wanted to make happen! That alone is a risk many people don’t take, and the paucity of fear in her voice was so inspiring! She helps people get to where they want to be in their careers by shedding light on their true potential. How cool is that?! It’s so great to see what her idea has turned into and I’m beyond thrilled to see things like this pop up from time to time. She’s a true mentor and has a heart of service. Thank you, Mo for being a light in this world! We need more of you!
~ Megan Jones

I would like to acknowledge Mo Faul who advised me during my darkest career hour. I now have a position where I am truly appreciated and valued. I had a complete reset and truly appreciate what Mo did for me. If you need to truly manage your career and not just have a job, and hope for the best, see her ASAP.
~ Ross, Media Logistics

I would like to share part of my journey in case it helps someone. I left my job last year because I had reached a point where I thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Mo recognized that I had not set boundaries for myself. I took a leap of faith and I feel it was one of the biggest blessings I have encountered. I thought this will help me find my purpose and a career path but it has helped me beyond that.
~ Pooji Mahtani

I was able to get very clear about what I wanted my next role to be, wrote it down in big letters and posted it on my wall. I spent about a month looking at job postings, then…This job could not be more perfectly aligned with what I asked for! The work, the benefits, the people…I have my Kick Ass next career move!  Thanks MO!

~ Eileen, IT Manager

Thank You! Not only am I in the job of my dreams, I have also met the man of my dreams because of this dream job. So I have been super busy with falling in love, kicking ass at my new job, & kicking ass in grad school. Looking forward to having more time once the stardust settles from all these blessings in my life. Thank you for everything! Love & Blessings.
~ Joy Davis