Are you the Queen of People-Pleasing?


Are you the Queen of People-Pleasing?

When I was a consultant in my late 20’s and early 30’s, I went above and beyond to please people. Sometimes I was inauthentic. And sometimes I was just desperate to get the validation and appreciation of others.

What eventually happened is that I burned myself to a crisp trying to please everyone in every direction. Which led to massive burnout and self-doubt.

Listen; I know that you’re a skilled professional woman. But people-pleasing is a no-win game.

See, if you’re the Queen of People Pleasing at work, it means that your co-workers or supervisors are probably taking advantage of you. People pleasers are often overworked and underpaid.

I’ll share exactly how you can avoid being taken for granted and not being paid what you’re worth.

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