Ready.Aim.Wire. Your Career Success

Every day I see it. Career Success that was once imagined impossible. Career Success that was thought out of reach.

Every day women go from “why me” to powered up. Success has certain traits and leaves clues.

Successful people think a certain way and act a certain way.

How does it get that way? I have been studying success for years. First, it was my own, then my teams’, now the people I coach. There are certain principles that when followed, will lead to the same result.

We are energetic beings in a physical universe. We must live according to the quantum physics of the energy as well as the effort and action required in the physical world.

So, we must stir up our READY, create clarity around our AIM and then we must WIRE!

Yes, we need to use our feelings about our desires, the details and then wore our brain for success.

Let’s break down this absolutely successful strategy. First, please stop reading this if you do not know that science affirms The Law of Attraction. It is not a pseudo- religion or a belief. The Law of Attraction is as real as The Law of Gravity. It proves itself each and every minute. If you are not ready to hear this or know it….you will suffer as it’s unwitting victim. Your thoughts create your reality. never gets it wrong and always works.

Now that we are clear on that! Here are the 3 principles for your career success.

  1. READY.  You must get ready to create success. You must,  first of all, have a desire. The seed of success is your desire to have more and be more.  It is human nature to want more and to feel more and be more and expand. We live in an expanding Universe and when we don’t expand we fee awful! We age early and we suffer. The key to not suffering is to expand. We expand through following our desires for more. So, get ready by knowing in your heart and soul what it is you desire!
  2. AIM. You must create details around your desire. A vague desire creates a vague result. So often on my clarity calls, I hear the same chorus of “BUT……” I hear the mind take over the heart.  I hear the gremlins creep in. “I can’t, & I don’t have”  sound in the mind and clarity becomes a distant possibility. Create details without the how and without the critic or doubter.  Create specifics around what your desire looks like,  how you are in that scene (s). Create your target. How else can you go for something unless you have a target,  you need a worthy destination I talk about this in my 5 Shifts to Bring Your Soul to Work webinar. Check out a time that works for you here.
  3. WIRE. Yes, wire. You must create the neurological connections with what you wish to have. Your desires stay inert and in the soil, they stay ungrown, until you wire for it.  I see literal miracles in my workshop each week. Once you (in a coachable moment) are able to suspend your disbelief (this is CRITICAL) and leverage your desires and create specifics, you then must wire your brain and your energy for the reality. Wiring the brain is easy to do with simple visualization and meditation techniques! You feel the feelings of the state desired, you imagine the specifics and you FEEL. When you think and feel you are wiring your brain. It happens each and every second. You are wiring your brain right now. Trouble is, many of us wire our brains with news, limiting thoughts, replaying bad events, swearing at drivers who cut us off, recalling when our mother said words that made us feel small and the like. We are wiring our brain all the time with past events. How about something radical—-wire your brain with future events! WIRE on your desire and your clarity about what you want and why!

This technique has been around for centuries and has been used by nearly every successful person… read about Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, etc. Not ready for that level of success? Not to worry, the Universe doesn’t hand us instant success. Nature grows in increments. Handle what you have with the same success and feelings as the next level. Be the person today that you want to be in the future– be her now! Be him,  now!

Let’s do this….READY. AIM.WIRE!

Ready to really go for your next career and success move, really ready to jump and the new will appear, ready?

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Just like the workshop participants who wanted to settle for the offer letter and then we used these techniques to get $5,000 more or the wonderful woman who was ready to settle for the lower end of the salary range, she manifested the highest amount, $10,000 more. Many others on their way to the next level, not sure what it feels like or how to do it. They decided coaching was necessary to bring an uncommon success their way!

I am here to guide you to levels you may think are out of your reach– let’s go get it!

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Thank you all for the opportunity to share my gifts, both practical and mystical to get you results!

When I was an executive, I had to sneak around with these techniques…now here we are..out in the open with manifesting!

It’s a new age!

Talk soon.

Your Coach,