Rise Up From Dark Times

Rise Up From Dark Times

Breast Cancer Month always brings me back to my soul!

To the call I received from the doctor after a business lunch.

To telling my family I have breast cancer, and taking care of their feelings.

To the brutal way my breasts were handled and poked and prodded all along the way.

The final days of having breasts, the teary news to my team at work and the days in the ICU, passing out from low blood counts, nurses who were amazing and the beautiful care I received from one nurse, whose own sister shared my birthday and died of breast cancer.

There are memories of my breast cancer journey each morning, also.

Some mornings I just get myself going, some mornings, as I see the scars in the mirror, I reflect on the journey of my life and time over the past 10 years.

The scars are always and forever reminders of dark times.

My life reminds me of the real depth and flow of life.

It was during my breast cancer recovery that my true soul was revealed.

My true soul came out and I found my real self.

It was an opening that helped fuel my success in career and life.

This deep work I was called to do during those times, brought me to the work I now do as a career coach.

The entire workshop I have had the privilege of taking hundreds of women through to attain a level of soul self and career success through, is formed by my journey.

Join me in talking about my life changing journey my podcast Best Work/ Best Life with Kathy Caprino. Kathy and I shared our best coming forward stories in this episode.

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P.P.S.– A grateful client…..”I have had a long busy, crazy week I want to share with you. I started my new dream job. It has been about 11 months since I lost my job and jumped into Mo’s Kick Ass program. When I had my initial clarity call I was hesitant to join the program because I was not sure how a single parent who just lost her job could afford it and what more could a person who had been in HR for more than 20 years learn about finding a job. OH WAS I WRONG!! This program is so MUCH more than just learning how to find a job. After talking with Coach Mo Faul I knew I had to figure out how to afford it. I jumped in the deep end with all my fears!….Thanks MO! My dream job and life are better than I thought possible!” Lisa, HR professional