Have You Seen Your Greatness? 6 Steps to Find Yourself

Have You Seen Your Greatness?  6 Steps to Find Yourself

Life and career can be overwhelming and a continual tug and pull of your energy and attention.

Others weigh in on what we should do, who we should and our focus gets stuck on the outward direction.

Often we don’t know what we are capable of and become exhausted keeping up with what people think of us, what others’ expect of us and fixing problems one after another and it never gets done.

We end up getting “comfortable” being miserable.

We settle for being smaller because no one showed us what’s possible.

Friends and family are ignored in the pursuit of what you want in your career.

Doing well or well enough or just being on the treadmill of life may seem

like what LIFE’s all about!

The truth is, your greatness and success are defined by you!

Success on other people’s definitions doesn’t work.

Success on your terms is not easy– it takes courage and regular doses of BRAVE!

Your first success is to figure out what you want.

What you want that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

PROBLEM IS>>>>>>We have been told that going after what you want is selfish and not attainable.

“You can’t have it all”

“Who do you think you are to go after that?”

“They’ll never hire you.”

And on and on the gremlin programming goes….

Yes, the gremlins….they are the voices that reside in our subconscious mind and come out when we think about something.

Yes, the gremlins come out every—time! We think of something and POP! Those gremlins come.

The gremlins begin to direct us, every time we think of anything.

Unless and until we take charge of who we are.

Unless and until we become aligned with our best and highest self.

Use these techniques to get the most out of your desire to succeed and squash the gremlins,


or as one of the wonderful, Kick Ass women in my course this week, she shipped them OUT!!  With my help, she just negotiated and accepted the job offer of her dreams!!

  1. Write down what you want your life to look like. That’s right. Write it down. Describe your future life. I had an exercise for this in a recent BLOG for writing a letter from your future self. Do it, now.
  2. Imagine each day what your life would FEEL like in your future life.
  3. Take one action a day that represents that future life. Perhaps it is driving to work happy. Maybe it is having that conversation with a coworker or boss. You know, the one your future self would have no trouble with because she is awesome!
  4. Do the 10-10-10 exercise each day. Morning is best. What?? No time? If you don’t have the time to make your life better by taking 10 minutes each morning…you better take a close look at who is in charge of your life. Who is in charge? Your fear? Yous scarcity? Your bad habits? Who is in charge of YOU?
    1. Here is the 10-10-10
    2. Write 10 items of gratitude each morning
    3. Write 10 items of bragging each morning (that’s right, brag about how awesome you are to yourself (at least)).
    4. Read these items over and slowly let them sink into your heart and FEEL them.
  5. Drink more water. When we feel better we show up better in the world. Take care of your physical self.  I talk about this and other strategies for getting on track in my 11 Lessons to your Kick Ass Career. Download HERE.
  6. Be easy on yourself. I have found that self- judgment is the one thing that keeps people stuck. It pounds you into the ground like a mallet!! Stop with the self-loathing. Love you, now and love you forever.

These steps will bring you back to you and bring you in alignment with your success-ability.

Next step— turn that desire into action!

Watch next week for those steps.

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