She Found HERSELF… Are You Ready?

She is all right now. She started out desperate to feel better.

She has a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

She works in a big company in Europe serving business clients.

She used to feel invisible. USED TO!

She wants to be a writer, a blogger. She wants to be seen for who she is.

We met in my Kick Ass Coaching call 12 weeks ago.

She lives in Europe and was ready to throw in the towel.

Burnt out.

Not seen.

Miserable at work. Miserable with what she chose to study and learn.

But… she is talented. She likes organizing things and writing.

I asked her to be patient with the process.

Find yourself first. These next few weeks will help you see who you are.

I do not recommend leaving a job without a plan.

She turned into the coaching.

Mo, “I really can’t write, I am too exhausted at the end of the day.”

“I know, because you are using your energy to push down your feelings. Feel them. You have support now.”


She decided to feel differently at work.

She saw in her Personal Mission Statement that she is awesome.

She went to work feeling awesome and everything changed.


Once we see our soul, feel our divine perfection and move through life a new way.


She chose herself, she was ready to live life differently.

She went through emotions, she went into herself and found her beauty.

She began to be seen at work.

She began to own her power.

She started speaking up more. She began to love managing her team.


Then….she got nervous and her “I’m not smart enough” programming kicked in– we coached her out of those limiting stories and beliefs.



That is how it goes.

That is how I coach….


Everything Changes.

Here is what she did. Here were her commitments to herself.


She inspired herself. She inspired all the women in the Kick Ass Coaching Group.

  1. She chose to commit to her growth and get a kick ass coach.
  2. She began to love herself.
  3. She put her desires first.
  4. She owned her power.
  5. She decided to SHINE each day.
  6. She learned how to be AWESOME each day. EACH DAY.

Read her Blog HERE.

She is quite a writer. AND she is in her new role….rocking her promotion.

On loving herself, on putting her desires first, on owning her power, on shining each day, on FEELING HER AWESOME.

Thanks for sharing Yuliya!

“The day I started to love myself my life has changed. NOW my life is changing. It is full of joy, warm words and sweet emotions. I decide that my NOW is filled with love and blessings. I decide that I deserve this all, because I AM here on this planet. I decide that I’m good enough for all the goodies out there.”

“My life has dramatically changed since I let myself feel and put my desires first. I am real, and so my dreams are real too. They are valid, no matter how crazy, small, unimportant or unusual they may seem.”

“You know. That special, attractive woman power. When you smile a lot and everything seems possible. When random strangers smile back at you and come and start conversation. When you feel excitement for life, and deep peace inside at the same time. When people around are charging from you and raising their own vibration and spirit. Magical, god-like, unstoppable power of love.”

“The energy you carry throughout the day is important. You are adding to the collective, and you choose whether it’s energy of love or destruction. Your daily choice is affecting people around you, and they carry it forward to their own environments. And then further, and further, until it covers up the whole planet. It’s a huge power and responsibility.

What kind of energy do you send out there daily? Let your light shine and let it inspire others.”

“I am proud to be me. Im proud to be where I am and to have what I have. I did it. I got it.

ALL. BY. MYSELF So often we focus on the things which go wrong, and we forget to acknowledge what goes right. Give yourself a break. You are doing great.”

Count your blessings. Count your achievements. Focus on how wonderful you perform. Recognize your smallest wins, there is so much to thank yourself for. Everybody is trying so hard, every day more, every day harder. But it’s never enough for us.

Please take a break. You are worthy of your own love. Take a break from chasing your next goal just to feel appreciated by others, and start appreciating yourself.

And realize how unspeakably awesome you already are.”


Now it is your time.

Now it is your time to shine and be awesome.

Let us help you get started. My Kick Ass Coaching works.

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