Shift #1: Find Your GPS and Bring Your Soul To Work

How to Find Your Way (Use Your GPS) in Your Career

Your Inner GPS is Essential- I call it Your Soul.

I finally learned how to “Bring My Soul to Work”.

Years ago I was reading a Wayne Dyer book and felt so attached to the words and message. I felt lifted and happy to know how to see my soul and feel great in the spiritual, energetic Universe.

I went off to work and each moment I felt deflated inside- where was this spiritual message?

How can I keep this feeling inside while I work?

Well, I found out and I share it in my Free Training this week.

Maybe I have to find my true calling? Maybe I have to pursue my passion work and leave my great job?

This same question comes up with everyone I work with now as America’s “Bring Your Soul to Work”, career coach.

We all have an inner self that wants to be seen and opened.

This is our greatest power, our SOUL!

It is our divinity, our connection with our Source.

This connection to your inner self and your best power and guidance system comes when you open your Soul.

Once we become aware of this feeling, we cannot turn back.

Your soul keeps speaking! Let me out!

In my latest FREE Training, I reveal these secrets, Your 5 Shifts to Bring Your Soul to Work, it starts with this major shift, Finding Your Inner GPS.

This feeling is a yearning to find it again, and if not found (because we are in the rush, rush world) we feel let down and empty when we cannot find it again. Ever feel depleted?

I call this your inner GPS. Because, you cannot “know” your answers to your career, work, and life path unless you know this inner guidance.

Your best intelligence is your soul, not your brain.

Logic and rational thought only gets us so far.

Working hard, efforting your way through is only using a part of your Universal toolkit.

You must find your inner guidance and begin to use it to guide yourself. Nothing is better than this internal wayfinding source. Your Soul wants to be seen, understood and used to direct your career and life.

This soul experience is transformative.

Your life and career can be so fulfilling when you “bring your soul to work.”

Next time you feel that you are not living or working on your true path.

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