5 shifts to your KickAss Career: Shift #5 Invest in Mentoring

SHIFT #5 Invest in Mentoring

“Why won’t anyone listen to me?”

I’ve had times in my career where I knew the answer, had the strategy, but was way off with the organization. I banged my head on the table (not really) until I was in pain (really).

How do you know how to navigate the next level up? The next level over? Or, how to make sense of the empty, hollow feeling inside, even when you are a success, but it just isn’t all that it was cracked up to be?

I hired my first coach 16 years ago. I recently came across the receipt. (Yes, I save way too much.) She helped me see that being right isn’t the goal. She helped me tame the monster inside that wanted to be seen, wanted to be the ONE, wanted success, but it wasn’t really coming. She gave me perspective. She gave me answers that I couldn’t see. She helped me be MORE, so I could do more and to stop the limiting beliefs that were circling my head incessantly.

Mentors and coaches can be invaluable resources for your next career (and/or life) move. Sure, I now make my living in just that role. I am honored to work with my clients as they scale new heights, expand themselves and grow from the inside out. When we expand our inner perspective, when we see things from more angles and stop buying into our own limiting stories, we can succeed with more ease. I recently created a worksheet to develop your own STRATEGIC COUNCIL OF ADVISORS.  Perhaps building a team of advisors is right for you. Check it out.

What to do NEXT?

Get yourself a guide, in a Mentor/Coach look for:

  1. New concepts that open you to new ideas, skills and capabilities.
  2. Accountability to do and be what you say you want.
  3. Support to expand and grow with no criticism, doubt or conflict.
  4. The introduction of new ideas and approaches to life that bring you ease, joy and success.
  5. Excitement and joy in working together. If your mentor/coach is drudgery, you will never succeed. Life is designed for fun, joy and expansion. Find one who you enjoy.

A mentor can be found in your current workplace, at a past workplace or, you can hire a coach. Like I did. A great mentor/coach will give you perspective, will open you up from the inside so you arrive at your own best self with answers and motivation that makes you tingle. A great mentor/ coach introduces you to concepts and ideas that you hadn’t known or fully explored. They challenge your world-view and they expand your self-view. We did not know we could fly like a bird in a contraption weighing thousands of pounds until a few folks were courageous enough to explore it and expand our idea of reality. Expand yourself, get clarity on who you are and what you want in your career (and life).

This week, look around and see if there is a great mentor in your midst. Ask if you can work with her. Tell her you have been wanting more success and ease in life and like what she has done. If this is not possible for you, pursue a coach.

When I say INVEST in Mentoring, I mean both time and money.

You are worth it. You are worth spending time growing, learning new concepts and being challenged to expand. You are worth spending money on you, conferences, books, online programs, pursue expanding your intellectual and soulful self. When you exchange money for value you are signaling to the Universe that you are worth it and you are ready to play all out. The Universe shows up to match your commitment. Show up ready to be the FULL YOU, the you you are designed to be.

One of the biggest SHIFTS I see in my clients is the shift in their energy and their joy and miracles once they begin to work on themselves!


Do it! Invest in Mentoring!

Get a coach, take a conference or online program to expand YOU!


5 Shifts to Your Kickass Career