Using the 5 Career Shifts: Shift #1 Operate with Total Integrity

In my 5 Shifts to Your KickAss Career training I talk about the importance of operating with total integrity.

If you make this mistake, you get fired- or worse…! Have you made the classic CLM mistake? That’s Career Limiting Move (CLM). You know, you say something about someone and you instantly feel the blood draining out of you.

You know the… “what do you think is wrong with Becky? I heard she and her husband are divorcing!” or the “I can’t stand her and her whiny voice.”  AND THEN… SHE walks into the office! Yikes!

The biggest CLM is gossiping. Classic mistakes and missteps happen when we are under stress and pressure. Stress and pressure can really bring out the worst in all of us. How about the temptation to laugh at someone who has a funny look or chews gum in a way that annoys. The immature self wants to return to the playground and laugh with all the others, just to fit in. Don’t fall into the temptation. Take a few deep breaths, and walk away from where ever you are. Changing your body position, your physiology or your location will shift your perspective and jolt you back to your senses. Anytime you are feeling just not you, or you are ready to do something hurtful to you, your job, your relationship with others, step away….slowly breath and get back into your body and out of that raging head. It might be a case of amygdala hijacking (when your fight/flight/ freeze survival mechanism takes over in a panic).

The successful person doesn’t even notice the situation, she has too many priorities and goals than to spend time talking about others. So, be KICK ASS and make your shift to Operating with TOTAL Integrity and follow the steps below. You and your career will be better off for it! I promise!

We have all done it, we have all succumbed to the temptation to fit in and be liked and talked and laughed at another’s expense. STOP! This just sends out an energy current that promises to return to sender. Let’s pledge to clean up our energy and our habits (as needed) and operate with total integrity in all things. No gossip. No cutting corners. No caving in to the easy way and settle for the wrong way. Operate with Total Integrity to move your career forward and protect your entire life from the boomerang of negativity and gossip.

5 Shifts to Your Kickass Career


Here are 4 keys to preserving your integrity

1. Keep your focus on the positive aspects of the workplace and what is working well
Fix  problems with solutions, not criticism. Own your role and be responsive and resourceful. If you can’t because the environment it too toxic, leave. Resort to positive news and encouraging words.

2. See the awesome in it all- that is a mirror of who you are
Look at what is working and focus on that. What you put your attention on expands. Create a universe around you of positive solutions, people and opportunities.

3. Cease gossiping
At all times, cease gossiping. It can be a real CLM (career limiting move). We covered this one above.

4. Always do the right thing, not to be the self-righteous one
…Because it is the ONLY way. Operating with Total Integrity always refers to doing everything above board, honestly and fully. Your inner Girl Scout may have to come out.

That’s the FIRST of the FIVE Shifts to Your Kick Ass Career. This one shift will take you to the next level and people will want to know how you have changed. Simply by following these guidelines you will have expanded your soul and added to your swagger. That IS the kickass way!



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