5 Shifts to a KickAss Career: Shift #2 Have Confidence In Your Worth

Deep down we all have programming that dictates our thoughts,actions and feelings. Deep down we all have a yearning to be more and feel more freedom and peace. What gets in the way? What stops our true self from being THE self we are? What stops us from doing things we know will help us?

The second shift of my 5 SHIFTS to Your Kick Ass Career is all about this. How many times have you thought yourself out of something? How many times have you let doubt, shame, guilt infect your life? (I don’t really deserve a raise.)

The problem of not enough inner strength, letting the external world define you (and control you) and settling in your career all stem from the same inner issue.

I work with dozens of folks each week who all have one common thread. It doesn’t matter how much money they make or how big their job or  house. The most important, yet rare feeling is truly feeling worthy, truly knowing that your best self is worth everything.

Getting to the point of feeling and knowing true confidence in your worth is key to any success. You cannot get to somewhere you haven’t been in your career or life with the same inner level of confidence. Your next move, your next level of freedom, success, inner peace, feeling the ease and flow of life is all about the inside game.

Your best move toward increasing confidence in your worth has an internal and external component. First, the internal components.

  1. Who are you, really? Who are you at your core? As I have spoken about on my Hay House Radio Show, your soul wants to shine. When you are feeling diminished, frustrated, burnout, it is because your soul is lost. Your soul wants to shine. Grab my 30 Minute Mission Statement to get started on this important first step.
  2. Get real clear on the value you bring. Who you are, and how you do it is important. Most jobs require us to have values, personality, engagement and collaboration. What value do you bring to those aspects of your work (and life).
  3. Be ready to state who you are and what you do. When I coach folks on their “elevator pitch” I help them bring out their internal essence. Why are you doing the work you are doing? There must be some match with who you are inside? Somewhere. FInd it and brush it off. You have value. Make a statement about you. You can download my 3-2-1 Career Story to work a bit on this aspect.

The external aspects of confidence in your worth are important also. I wrote a few weeks ago about the importance of interviewing. I truly believe that when you have the opportunity to show yourself to others, earnestly, openly, bravely, you really see yourself. So, to work on your confidence in the external world, try these action steps.

  1. Brush up your resume. When you refresh your resume and clear up the fuzziness about what you do and what you have done, you can look and say, “YES! That’s me!” Getting clear on your resume, nailing the details and spending the time to document what you have done overtime feels good.
  2. LinkedIN! It is the 21st century and your presence on LinkedIn is more important. Is your picture a good one? Or, is it cropped from a party you attended? Make a great impression on LinkedIn. I work with D.B. Wienke who is an expert and consultant to corporations and executives on LinkedIn success. Check her out!
  3. Create a separate list of accomplishments that you will take with you on your job interview. Your resume is a summary, but have a list of details of things you have done, projects, profits, promotions. Have it ready to share or just to talk about.
  4. Get an interview. Go searching for a job on the internet. Yes, even if you are scared or don’t think it is the right time. Just look. Since your resume is all set and you are curious, go for it. Going on a job interview has lots of advantages. You get to talk about your awesomeness, you are in front of folks who really want to hear about your worth and your value. They “really are into you”. It feels good to share all that you know, all you have done and to be received well. Go for it. You may not get the job, you may get an offer. If you get an offer, you know where you stand in the marketplace. Be worthy enough to check it out. Maybe you best decision is to stay where you are. Now you know and you can pursue your next career move with vigor at your current place.

You know more about yourself after an interview and you know more about your industry. And, you know more about your worth! Following all the steps above will get you further internally and externally in knowing your worth. But, the first step is increasing your inner confidence.

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