Spring Cleaning for you Career: How to Plant the Right Seeds


Planting the Right Seeds for Your Career Success

Each spring seeds are planted all around the globe.

We reap what we plant.

And, we must tend to our plantings.

I hear this all the time…….

“Why am I NOT getting the promotion?”

“Why do I always get a bully boss?”

“I work so many hours and it never seems to matter.”

Amazingly, we miss the idea of planting the RIGHT seeds, when it comes to our careers and life.

Seeds are marked, planted and managed….right soil, irrigation, and eliminating pests.

Farmers (large and small) protect their crops and know it takes some time to yield their harvest.

We all know these things! We must follow simple natural laws to be successful.

Learn the TOP 5 Ways you can SHIFT Immediately into Reaping what you DESIRE.

  1. How to spot the “wrong” seeds you are planting.
  2. How to eliminate the continued negative harvests.
  3. When to know if it is YOU or THEM.
  4. How to start fresh with your plantings!


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Careers are marked with planting negative thoughts, thinking we aren’t good enough, not speaking up and having influence, being too bossy, perhaps complaining, gossiping and talking behind the back of co-workers!


It’s no wonder over 80% of the population isn’t happy at work.

I know from hundreds of women I have coached, that once we get the right “seeds in the ground” reality changes.

And….within weeks new plants are harvested.

I see promotions,

unexpected raises,

new dream jobs,

better pay,

old bosses that call “out of nowhere” for new opportunities and

all this comes to be harvested.


When I help a client plant new seeds, new outcomes come rushing in!

The plantings come quickly!

The seeds of your past conditioning ALWAYS show up in your career.

Learn why this happens and how to fix it!

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Your life is precious and when your career isn’t working it affects everything in your life!

What you plant you reap.
We don’t pick corn before it is mature, we know if we don’t plant the seeds the plants will never grow.


Nature at it’s finest.

Use the natural laws to help move you in the proper direction!

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Let’s get you reaping what you desire!