Stephanie’s Story: An Introvert’s Guide to Career Power!


“Do I have to be someone else to get ahead?”

“Can a natural introvert still stand in her power and make an impact?”

These are common questions I hear as a career coach.

When we think of making an impact we often imagine the charismatic speaker, the dominant boss, the political savvy game player.

These people may get ahead in more traditional ways, but it is not necessary to be a success.

What is necessary is to separate the introversion from the fear.

What is necessary is to not be put down or pushed into a small box because your style is not as easy to assert.

What is necessary is to step into your truth and know the inner you.

The you that is the introvert is just the beginning of who you are. There are many more important aspects that control your energy vibration and ultimately influence who you are and how you act.

Listen in as Stephanie shares her story from not knowing how to step in to her power and gain career success to desiring to be a thought leader and speaking on stage.

This is one kick ass woman who has found her power, manifested miracles in her life, career and evolved into a woman who KNOWS she is making a difference and knows how to continue to do so!







Congratulations Stephanie for finding your power, standing in your power and claiming your impact in the world.

The non-profit industry needs as many prosperity minded, influence leaders like you!

Find out more about how Stephanie and hundreds of women like her have achieved success they thought would never be possible.

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