The Blame Game: How to Avoid This Deadly Career Killer


There’s something I have to warn you about, and it’s frightening. 

It’s so scary it chills me to the bone. 

After coaching thousands of women over the years, I’ve discovered SIX major career killers. I’m going to tell you what #1 is below. 

But first, I have to tell you what these career killers are capable of, and what they frequently do.

These rampant career killers:

  • Cause FIGHTING AND TENSION among co-workers and peers
  • Make you and your talents INVISIBLE to your boss
  • Cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of LOST INCOME
  • Cause you to literally GIVE UP on your career and your dreams
  • Crush your soul and PARALYZE YOU WITH FEAR
  • Cause you to DOUBT YOURSELF to the bone


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Is the Pandemic Really Going to Affect Your Career?


Is the pandemic going to affect your career?

In all the great mythical stories, there’s an obstacle on the hero’s journey.

There’s darkness — something terrible and disruptive — that the hero must face to become who she’s born to be.

This pandemic is that dark force for so many of us. It has disrupted the way we live, work, and relate to each other. It is the disrupting force of our time.

And yet… it’s birthing more growth, more connection, and more opportunity than ever.

If you use it well, you can transform the darkness into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent your career (and life).

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Your Job Is a Dirty Little Thief… and You’re Paying The Heaviest Price


Your job is a dirty little thief.

Yeah, I know… we’re supposed to be grateful for employment, especially during global catastrophes.

But I think it’s important for you to know that you’re allowed to enjoy what you do while you’re alive.

Does your job contribute in any way to your sense of fulfillment and well-being? Or does it rob you of joy, energy, and strength?

Since you’re here, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume your job is a dirty little thief

…a thief that robs you of vitality,

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Is Your Pain Too Comfortable?


This is your bottle of Tylenol speaking. I know you’re stressed so I’ll get straight to the point: 

Fact is, you’ve been hoovering down my contents like I’m a bag of skittles. It’s making me wonder…

Is your pain too comfortable? What are you ignoring or denying in life that’s creating this level of physical pain? 

Sometimes the body uses pain as a warning. Or it could be more accurate to say that your soul uses the body to send you messages. 

So I’ll ask again: is your pain too comfortable? What are you denying?

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Here’s What Your 90-Year-Old Self Wants You To Know


Have you considered what your 90-year-old self wants you to know?

Shortly before you die, you’re going to have a moment where you feel regret. It’s going to feel horrible. It’s going to break your heart.

What’s the regret about?

Not speaking up. Staying small. Letting fear win. Allowing excuses to get in the way of your dreams. Swallowing other people’s poison for a paycheck. Betraying yourself to be liked.

And then there’s the biggest regret of all — the awareness that you didn’t go for it.

GO FOR IT: Go for Greatness; go for Life;

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Your Blind Spots Are Costing You Over $500,000 Dollars


What are your blind spots costing you?

Blind spots, by their very definition, are hard to see. Usually we don’t know what our blind spots are until someone points them out to us.

Blind spots often have to do with how you’re viewing or seeing reality. The way you see reality directly impacts how you react to life.

So how does that cost you money?

If you react to your boss, co-workers, or life circumstances through the cloudy lens of a blind spot, you usually get ignored, imposed upon, laid off or passed up for promotion. You miss out on raises and consistently receive less than you’re worth.

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Lisa’s Story: She Was Ready to Settle Forever, Then She Learned the Truth


When my client Lisa was just a little girl, an attorney came to her parents’ rescue when their farmland was threatened. To Lisa, he was like a guardian angel whose wisdom saved the day.

She was so moved by the experience that she decided to be that guardian angel for others and became a disability lawyer — a really good one.

But she was working too hard. She didn’t have control of her schedule and wasn’t making the impact she wanted.

Shortly before reaching out to us, Lisa filed for divorce. She told us she felt out of control, as though life was “happening to her.”

After our 12-week workshop,

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Cathy’s Story: Who Knew I Could Be THIS Happy at Work?


I am excited to kick off the week with a wonderful conversation with a fabulous educator, Cathy Beals, EdD. Cathy came to work with me and my team because she was experiencing the problems many women have:

  • Hitting the same roadblocks
  • Not contributing at the level I know I can
  • Unsure how to change this
  • Desiring a better life
  • After all, with a high school daughter and husband at home, she knew she wasn’t making her life the best for them either. Listen in to hear how Cathy turned it around and is now bringing her soul to work!

    Lean into her story —

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