What You MUST Begin NOW– Preparing the WAY!

Preparing the Way - NOW

Happy Holidays and May You Enjoy the bounty of life this week and beyond!

A reflection for you…..

The #1 Problem with getting what you want in life (and at Holidays!) can be summed up in 3 main topics.




These are not always talked about in the Law of Attraction, or as I like to say, the Law of Life (because it is always working, it is always “ON” and it never gets it wrong).

In this Holiday season…we see exactly how to make ready— chances are (if you are traditional Christmas or Hanukkah or another traditional winter celebration) your home looks different than it did in September.

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To Know Yourself Is To Love Yourself


People tell me all the time that they don’t feel good enough inside to do what they want to do. This comes from a number of reasons including confidence, inner critics, anxiety and more. When you love yourself, amazing things happen. You get the things you want (including jobs, relationships, money).

Read my post on vision boards which can help with this.

The only way to love yourself is to get to know yourself! If you love yourself, you will begin to do things that fulfill your happiness, your confidence, and even your willingness. It will help you succeed.

We spend a lot of our lives discovering ourselves. We are people…we change.

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Mo’s Meditation Series #1- Control Your Mind

your mind is hurting you

Your Mind May be hurting you…you can change it. You can meditate to fix it.

Everyday, probably the exact same times each day, your body does the same things.

The body and the mind is a completely predictable system.

Usually, it is full of habits based on what we do each day.

Really…it is chemistry, neurophysiology, pharmacology and physics.

The mind and body are controlled by chemicals in your body.

Chemicals that are released when we are confronted with stress– create a cascade of reactions that we know happen.

Relaxation causes reactions in our body and stress cause different reactions in our body.


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