Kick Ass Client Interview- Jennifer Imerini & Coach Mo


My client Jennifer relocated her whole family to Florida when she got a promotion. She was super excited to take on new responsibilities and manage two departments. But when she got there, the job wasn’t what she thought it would be. Then she got laid off during a merger acquisition. If you’ve ever taken a job and it wasn’t what you hoped it would be, or if you’ve been laid off and you’re looking for another job…Jennifer is going to share what helped her the most.

Getting laid off, or even getting promoted and realizing the job isn’t what you thought it would be can be really traumatizing.

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Kick Ass Client Interview- Jajuana Patrick & Coach Mo


When big changes happen within an organization and people get shuffled around…And responsibilities and roles change…You can find yourself in a place you didn’t consciously choose. This is what happened to my client Jajuana. Jajuana will share exactly what she did when she suddenly found herself in a role that didn’t fit her. Jajuana was a director working for a specific division of her company. But after the company went through massive changes, her role ended up changing significantly. She went from being a strategic business partner to an order taker.

You CAN get your power back.

If you want access to the best support and the best coaching for professionals who want to uplevel their careers,

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Busy Fixing Problems for Others?


Women are wired to love and nurture others. We’re also brainwashed to put everyone else’s problems before our own. It’s convenient, actually, because it distracts us from going out there and claiming what we want for ourselves.

I’m sharing why staying busy fixing other people’s problems is damaging your career, limiting the amount of money you can make – and ruining your own health and wellbeing. Then I’ll give you guidance to get out of this trap, so you can uplift your entire life. I know… it might seem like you have no choice but to fix other people’s problems, because they’re your family…And if you don’t step in to help,

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A Dream Job that Turned into a Nightmare


Ever been recruited into a dream job that turned into a nightmare? I have, and it’s super traumatic. My client Patti experienced this several times(!) prior to finding me and my team. She’ll share the steps she took to turn everything around. So often in our attempts to advance we take a risk on a job that sounds great. But when that job turns out to be something we don’t want, we blame ourselves. That blame and negative self-talk taxes our nervous system until we become physically exhausted.

Patti will share what she did to create energy and vitality that’s going through the roof. She’s less triggered by people’s behavior and she doesn’t second guess her decisions.

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Let’s Heal the World Together: A Healing Meditation

Together, we can heal the world.

This is an unprecedented time for us as human beings.

We’re feeling the pain, anger and frustration on this planet very deeply.

And the reason we’re feeling it is because there’s something inside of us that needs to be healed, too.

If there was nothing to heal inside you, there would be nothing to heal “out there.”

That’s because We Are One. One Soul. One Energetic Being.

So please join me in this healing meditation that comes directly from my heart and soul to your heart and soul.


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The Hard Work Myth is Holding You Back: Stop Playing Small

Is the hard work myth holding you back and causing you to play small in your career?

We’ve been told all of our life that the harder you work, the better your career. But working yourself to the bone with no self-care is not the path to success!

Do you work and work and work with the same results? → Never moving up the ladder? → Never getting that pay raise?

STOP trying so hard for too little return. Stop wasting your gifts and talents in work that crushes your soul. START paying attention to what will make you grow and save your energy for what really matters!

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What Your Parents Told You is Wrong and Holding You Back

Your parents’ advice was wrong — is living by their “rules” holding you back?

Based on our Facebook poll, aside from those who stated they didn’t receive any career-related advice growing up, the most frequently heard advice that respondents reported receiving from their parents was, “you should become a: (fill in the blank), despite the fact that you have no interest in it.”

You need to understand how your family is still affecting your day-to-day life!!

Are your parents holding back your performance, income level, your power?

We all love our parents. While their recommendations come from a place of love (sometimes) and asking their point of view may be helpful,

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Your Traumas Are Showing Up in Your Career

Are your traumas controlling your career — or are you?

At some point in your career, you are likely to experience trauma. Perhaps it’s a negative work culture, colleagues that don’t like you, feeling overworked and underpaid, or uncertainty with how to manage up and level up. These can all leave you feeling stuck and fearful.

Aside from making you feel lousy, these feelings deaden your soul and keep you from being the best that you can be. Your trauma begins to take hold of your career. You’re unable to attract the right level of role, so your contribution is less than what it could be, and your earning power is much less.

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