The Blame Game: How to Avoid This Deadly Career Killer


There’s something I have to warn you about, and it’s frightening. 

It’s so scary it chills me to the bone. 

After coaching thousands of women over the years, I’ve discovered SIX major career killers. I’m going to tell you what #1 is below. 

But first, I have to tell you what these career killers are capable of, and what they frequently do.

These rampant career killers:

  • Cause FIGHTING AND TENSION among co-workers and peers
  • Make you and your talents INVISIBLE to your boss
  • Cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of LOST INCOME
  • Cause you to literally GIVE UP on your career and your dreams
  • Crush your soul and PARALYZE YOU WITH FEAR
  • Cause you to DOUBT YOURSELF to the bone

Additionally, here’s the worst part:
all the current stress in the world has made these six career killers even worse for you. 

As promised, here’s Career Killer #1: blaming others.

The blame game.

You know this one… 

This is where the little gremlin voice in your head screams, “The economy sucks, my boss is holding me back, my co-workers are mean, it’s the government… the pandemic… lack of opportunities…”

So, how can you avoid the blame game?

Watch or listen on the go, and learn how you can beat this little voice into submission before it destroys your career, happiness, and forward momentum in life. 

The women in my Kickass Career workshop are in a success-bound ship — an “ark,” that battles hundred-foot career killer waves. Our boat is awesome, and our collective power is moving us to bluer waters. Want us to come pick you up? Book your Complimentary Career Clarity Call.

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