Is it fixable? “I’ll Never get Ahead”


“I don’t know if I’ll ever be promoted after going for it 3 times and 3 No’s”

The woman on the other end of the call, a 54 Year old with over 25 years of excellent experience in her field in large corporations. She felt permanently stuck. At her age, retirement and fulfilling her dreams is now on the MUST DO NOW list.

She talked about her bosses, boss not being supportive of her moving up.

She talked about her boss being a micromanaging bully who shames her in meetings.

She needs a plan and an avenue for her career growth.

She can’t wait for others to be in charge of her career.

She has to take this into her own hands.

But how??

Leaving the company is not what she wants to do. It’s a great company (or is it?)!

Her continued frustration will continue to aggravate her.

Causing conflicts at work and home.

She will pull away from interaction with her boss.

Causing her to be seen as not the team player she is.

She will further isolate herself in order to survive.

Causing her to HATE her work and everyone there!

After a while of this protective behavior:

She will feel insecure in all areas of life.

She will doubt all decisions.

She may experience physical symptoms after many nights of restless sleeping.

After a few months of that, she is now a more guaranteed attractor pattern for more negative treatment in life and career.

I see it all the time.

The bad news is most women who are faced with this situation, don’t have the “rule book” with how to navigate this situation.

Careers go backwards.

Soon, the pit looks deep and unmanageable.

The good news is, I know how to help fix this.

Many women I work with are in this situation when we speak on my Free Career Clarity call.

Many women choose to stay stuck, convincing themselves that they are better off here.


It is understandable that the (flawed) rational brain convinces us that other places may be worse.

Well…..many places could be better.

Unfortunately, when this is your story, you are in a stress pattern.

When you are in a stress pattern, you cannot think properly.

When you are in this chronic stress situation your best self is GONE.

It is virtually impossible to step up, step into your power and make a GREAT CAREER MOVE from here.

I know how to fix this problem.

It starts with remembering your awesome self.

This is why I coach and advise to;

You soul has the power to give you all that you need to succeed.

Just like many of my clients.

I am thinking of two professional women who were pushed backwards.

And then, we got to work!

I helped them claim their souls and happiness, better career situations and more money!

One client in government policy development, was passed up for 2 promotions before she called me. Sick and tired of being smart, recognized for her contributions and always asked to work on more projects and handed the TOUGH assignments.

She was sick of being kicked in the gut and not rewarded with more.

After we worked together to increase her sense of self and inner confidence, she landed her dream job at a boutique consulting firm that she wasn’t even aware of. They love her, she is recognized for her expertise and has helped the company land some great assignments. Now she is in a new zone of life and possibility and enjoying things she missed for years.

Another client, an attorney for a financial services firm was not seen as a contributor and she was afraid of losing her job. I helped her change her perspective, light up her soul and create a strategy to show up differently. She had to clear old beliefs and heal some past wounds of being disrespected before she could show up as the kickass woman she is….a surprise bonus and thank you from the CEO nailed her place as the contributor she wanted to be and NOW IS!

The solution is for YOU also!

Some women just think, this can’t work for me.


It works for every women who is ready to do something different and expand as a person.


Make the call.

Get started today, do not wait another day to be stifled, passed over and taken for granted!

That’s why I offer my Free Career Clarity Call.

We will deconstruct your career and see what is really going on. After that, we will see what’s possible and craft a strategy.

Let’s save your SOUL and save your CAREER.

You are the only one who can do it.