The Myth of Difficult vs. Easy – Knowing Yourself, Do You?

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This week we stay on career, I am obsessed with helping you succeed and sharing my “secrets” to success. Each one is now a part of the “Kick Ass Career” Series. Why? Because I don’t know a better name for being at your best! Follow this week’s techniques and you just may feel a bit more bounce in your step!

We’re covering the KICK-ASS acronym and this week it’s the second ‘K’ in KICK, for Knowing. I’ve covered Kindness, Integrity, Clarity, and now it’s Knowing. That deep inner self-trust.

What is knowing? It is a profound confidence in the right direction, the right choices, the right action for YOU! Alignment of your inner self with your outer actions is key to success. Many of us, however, are off alignment. Why? Because for many years we were told, taught and reinforced to be focused on others and the right thing. What is the right thing, if not You being YOU? How can you be more aligned?

When I talk to people in my workshop, their ideas tend to be scattered, their possibilities are all over the place. They think, “Maybe if not this, then that,” or “If I’m not good at this, then that.” I’ll tell you one of the biggest principles of success is to be decisive and persistent. If we don’t know who we are, if we don’t know our true path, how can we be sure of any decision?

It is in our decisions that we have true power. As we gain an inner knowing we have more personal energy. Knowing the course of action that serves our life purpose, our success and that of our family, that is true knowing. When our inner-alignment matches our actions we have a deep sense of knowing and our life becomes more “easy”. The best kept secret is that life REALLY isn’t meant to be difficult all the time. But, we have been wired to believe “no pain, no gain”. That might work for a new exercise routine, but in life when we are aligned, decisions get easier, life gets simpler, work becomes more successful for us.

There is a story of an ancient army that was trying to take back some of their land, reclaiming their island. The enemy army occupied it because they were bigger and mightier. The leader of the people who were coming to reclaim their land said, “When we get to that shore we have got to win, so I am going to make sure that we have no other option.” He proceeded to tell them to light their boats on fire. They were undermanned and under-gunned, but they NOW had no option. They had to win or perish. They were victorious. Self-trust! They overcame the stronger army, they couldn’t retreat, they had no option, but to do what was right for their people and their purpose. KNOWING.

When we “burn our boats”, we close off options that take us off our alignment. Real clarity and deep knowing push us to take action that matters. When we have that level of self-trust, life is easier. Let’s make sure that while we’re on this path of self-trust and knowing that we don’t get distracted with other options. I call them “shiny objects”. Shiny, new and novel things are distractions. Once we know what we want and what is aligned with our values and goals, we do not need shiny objects. If we follow the distractions we don’t meet our goal. Shiny objects reduce our self-trust.

Deep knowing guides us and reduces our distractions. That pushes us toward our KICK-ASS career. That guides us to our MOST LIFE. Find the areas where you can build more self-trust and knowing in your life. Once you are deeply aligned with your inner-self you will only take action in that direction.

That’s the deep knowing that’s going to move you further in your career, and that’s a KICK-ASS career. And when the career is working, you can live Your MOST LIFE.

Until next time!