The Secret To Finally Turn YOUR Goals Into “Done”

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This week we focus on “O” for organization. I love goal setting and have been doing it for decades. For the most part I have achieved what I set out to achieve. Many people I speak to, however, do not set goals. Yet, they do achieve some things. Naturally, they conclude goals are not necessary, nice job, nice family, nice home, what else do I need? The secret to accomplishing more escapes most people and that is why they convince themselves that goals aren’t needed.

Just think all the more joy, fulfillment and direction one can have with a few goals. But, we fear we won’t accomplish the goal(s), so we never set them. That is the WRONG thinking. “If I don’t set a goal, I won’t feel bad I didn’t do it.” That’s where the BEST leverage you can exert on a goal is something most people don’t know.

The belief that it is better not to have goals is set up in all sorts of twisted logic and limited thinking. Set a goal and if you achieve 50%, it is a WIN. When you set a goal and decide to do something, you are immediately transported to a possibility mindset, the good energy and power place!

So, how do we accomplish a goal? Why do so many fail or fear failure? The answer is in understanding your leverage point. Do you typically AVOID pain OR SEEK pleasure? Think about the last time you set out to do something. Maybe a vacation? An exercise target? Did you think of all the reasons to do it because of what you would miss if you didn’t do it? The pain of not doing it? OR Did you think of the great pleasure in seeing new places or feeling great after a nice walk? FIND YOUR LEVERAGE.

You favor one or the other. This week reflect on whether you do things because you are avoiding pain or you want greater pleasure. One is dominant. Find your lever and then you can pull that lever in order to motivate your internal workings to achieve a goal and success will be so much easier!

DOWNLOAD the IDEASheet to help you sort out the lever that motivates you. Start today, right now to add a goal to your life and go for it! Life is meant to be sweet and savored! Live your MOST LIFE!