What You Think of Yourself May Hurt You

Who you think you are may be hurting you….let’s explore this tricky topic. It’s more than self-image.

Like it or not, our lives are a collection of our thought habits.

This past Saturday I had a great session with my Mastermind ladies. These are women who have worked with me for a while and are frickin’ awesome! Heck….they inspire me with all they accomplish and their aligned, soul-based living. Many of them have recently achieved more in their careers and lives than they ever imagined possible for themselves.

They are living their dream lives because of one major change. They began to see themselves in new ways. There are some necessary steps to take to get aligned. One major step I wrote about a few weeks ago, the journey continues, it doesn’t end, so relax about “arriving”, you will not.

You will however, have amazing experiences and you will begin to redefine who you are.

The journey turns a corner for you when you declare, “this is not how I want to live!”

When you observe a life that is not feeling great, a career that hasn’t moved in the direction you want, when the people around you are negative and pulling you down, you know then it is time to make a change. I speak to hundreds of people each year who are on the brink of this change and one critical difference separates those who change from those who DON’T…

The readiness to have a new reality.

The willingness to redefine themselves.

The open heart and mind to learn something new that can lift them.

You see…when we repeat what we think of life and what we think of ourselves, nothing changes.


Until we change what we think of ourselves, nothing changes. We must first observe our life as not what we fully want.

Is it the level of happiness and joy that is too low?

Is it the level of contribution and impact that is too low?

Is it the level of recognition that is not there?

Is it the money?

Is it the scary prospect of doing what you are doing for another 20 years?

My life and career hit these walls many times. I figured it out the most difficult way possible. Job losses, bad bosses, jobs that seemed to squeeze me into a smaller version of me. Compensation promises that didn’t come, promotions that didn’t happen.

Eventually it was breast cancer that woke me up— even though I studied all of this for decades, it was the possibility of death that was the final wake up call.

My passion in life is now to be that WAKE UP CALL to others before cancer comes knocking.

More than anything in life’s journey to more joy and freedom is the readiness to be different than you are now.

A few questions:

  1. Are you ready to be the one at the party who is fulfilled and happy?
  2. Are you ready to have it all?
  3. Are you ready to learn new ways of being you?
  4. Are you ready to change?

Life changes when we change.

Here are some steps for your journey.

  1. Observe that your life is an out-picturing of your repetitive thoughts and feelings of your SELF and your WORLD. It is the harsh reality of The Law of Attraction (it is as predictable as gravity), what we think about expands, what we expect in life is what happens. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself. One client recently complained to me that she didn’t like her job at all and all she wanted to do was be an inspirational writer. She was wondering why her writing wasn’t coming along. After all, it’s what she wants. Well, there was no way she could get there from where she was. She was living the world of hating her job and pinching off her greatness all day long. Finally, she took responsibility.
  2. Be awesome where you are NOW! This moment, this thinking right now is all you have. Think of the world and yourself as the most amazing and beautiful place. Be inspired today. The same client took me up on this call to action. She began showing up at work as an inspiration. I called her out on wanting to be an inspirational writer – she needed to be thinking as an inspirational writer NOW, in this moment think and feel the way she wanted to think and feel. You have 100% control over how you think and feel. Make the change now.
  3. Practice being independent of the external circumstances around you. “Mo, I’d change and have the life I want, but I have no time. My life is busy and you just don’t understand!” This is truly a stance of making sure you stay a victim. You know what this statement says? It says, “ I am not responsible.” My clients who have made amazing changes and shifts have kids, sick parents, surgery, move – life is always full. I had teenagers and a big job when I got cancer. That wasn’t very convenient either. NOW is the time because more time only comes when you decide to make it. The external world is not in charge of you, unless you give it that power! Get in the driver’s’ seat! Navigate your life like the road. Drive to your destination(s) regardless of where everyone else is going.

These will get you started. Your journey is dictated by how you think and feel. It always is and always will be. You decide…..is your life what you want?

Change what you think and feel and it will develop that way.

Many people get there faster with help and great coaching. I’ve had a coach consistently over the past 17 years. Life can be a series of long lessons, or you can get there faster.

How about a dream job and life in less than 6 weeks? Many of my clients have, because they showed up ready!

Are you ready? It starts with a Career Clarity Call…it’s free and priceless all in one.

Now is your time.