Thinking about things? Get into ideas instead.

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “I” for Intelligence!

There are a variety of ways we can think and interact with others.  How we use our mind and what we invite in to our mind that creates patterns and habits is important! Most of what we do in this area is out of the habits we form through repetition. The people we spend time with influence our habits. The more time we spend with people, the more they influence us and the thoughts we have.

When we engage in dialogue with others we learn. We learn about who they are and we learn about who we are. We also get imprinted with the way they ARE! Yikes!

Have you ever been in a conversation and it goes in a direction that you do not like?

I have been sitting around a table and all of a sudden someone will say, “Can you believe that Joe did that stupid thing yesterday and he doesn’t like sushi and what a jerk he is! Does anyone really like him anyway?”

What do you do?

One handy tool to moving forward is self reflection. Self reflection allows us to be aware of who we are and what our world around us is saying to us. In other sessions we reflect on the outer world giving us clues to who we are and refining ourselves based on some of that feedback.

Self reflection is key in every aspect in our lives. Let’s look at the way we think and the way we talk about life. When we talk with others, are we talking about others? Are we talking about things, events and happenings OR are we talking about ideas and concepts and dreams?

Thinking and how our mind works and the “vibes” we send out (the brain is a sending and receiving station) all influence how we feel, how we act, the choices we make and eventually, whether we are living a MOST LIFE or one that is missing a few letters OR someone else’s not so MOST LIFE!

Don’t get hijacked!

Are You Living It!?