Time: Spending It? Using it? or Losing It? Where is your time going?

Where is your time going? Do we spend time, use time or lose time?


I remember this one time when my old car pulled up next to me at a light. My red hybrid Camry looked ok for its age. Bumper a bit scratched and I wondered if it rode as well as it did for the five years I drove it. Nostalgia hit me like a sudden life movie began playing.

Where was I when I drove that car? Who was I when I bought it?

I was striving to be someone more than I was at the time. The car wasn’t my answer to that, I just wanted the car for practical reasons, I was driving 60 miles round trip to work each day.

I bought this hybrid and knew it was the right car for me. That good old car and I went through lots of great times and, well…  bad times.

Crying in the parking lot at work, getting back in the car after I was fired, driving to my first day of work at a new job. Getting driven back from the hospital, my breasts removed and reconstructed…and many more times of my life.

What did I do since then? I easily reviewed where I spent my time since then.

Ask yourself: Have I lived according to my internal alignment this year? Last year?

I reviewed my growth, where the kids are now and my parents. Grateful that the kids (and I) survived the teen years and that my parents are now in sunny Florida.

I have used the time since then to:

  • Lose a decent job or leave jobs
  • Get a great job (and then another great job)
  • Recover from breast cancer
  • Take classes in plant-based nutrition
  • Travel to many destinations that have been on my wish list
  • Learn meditation
  • Run a few marathons
  • Drop out of yoga classes
  • Sell houses and start new beginnings
  • See the country, the world, and my internal world evolve

Yes, I can say I have spent the time since that car with great passion and purpose. I have used the time for many good things in life.

Ask yourself: Am I prepared to USE my time in the way that will fill me up going forward?

Think, do I love my friends and family the way I truly want to? Am I showing up in life big enough to bring me happiness and fulfillment?

I have new friends, and I still have many old friends. I have written notes to those I love and I am sure I have disappointed a few people, hurt a few people, overlooked important times for some.

All in all that red Camry came up to my side at that light to remind me of time. Time does pass and we age, and life travels along a line, or so we think.

Ask yourself: Is there a leak of time in my life?  Are there times or ways that I am losing time?

We can think of the disappearing of time, like I did when I was reminded of the limited time we have. But, do I just get myself trapped into thinking of time as linear when I think of my own timeline? Have I squandered any of this time? Have I wasted any of this time?

Yes, and I have spent some of it excusing myself for my shortcomings, being lazy and getting off course.  I spent too many hours being mad, angry or frustrated, yes. I even talked about others, thought uncharitable thoughts and played mind games with others because I was hurt.

I lived with my goals and ambitions since I was in high school. I have planned, dreamed and done. Knowing I wanted to get somewhere in life. And, I certainly have!

Truly the best times I have had were when I was able to escape the grip of the greedy  linear time, the time that moves, the time that is finite.

When I spend time in the memory of time being infinite, time being a connector of all of me and all of you. When I can step into the present and laugh that my old car is there and not wish for the past, but be in the present.

Ah….that is truly time well “spent”.

Be present today with yourself and whoever you are with now. And as you stay present know that right now is really all there is!

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