Are you tired of running? And I’m not talking about exercise…


Are you tired of running? And I’m not talking about exercise…

Years ago when I landed a new job as a Vice President, I thought it would solve all my problems. I thought it would be the end of feeling small, not getting recognition, and not getting paid enough. But it wasn’t.

I’m sharing how your ability to get recognition and success is never about a job. It’s about you and your soul.

Because getting this job didn’t make me feel better. Especially when I got there and learned that another woman had the SAME EXACT title as me. And she didn’t even have the qualifications I did!

My idea that this job was going to make me feel important flew right out the window. Tune in to hear me share how you can heal your soul on the inside, so your career can shine on the outside.

Because the truth is, on the inside, I wasn’t feeling like the awesomest version of myself going after my dreams.

I still felt that there was only a dim light where there should have been a bright, shiny, powerful me.

This is why that job didn’t last. It’s also why the women in my Kickass Career Workshop get such powerful results when we teach them to rescue their souls.

Tune in and I’ll show you how to get results in your career by healing from the inside out.

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