When you want more…will the critics win?

When you want more….will your critics win? Each week I speak to dozens of folks about their careers (and their lives). Each week I use the best in my coaching skills to bring out the best in these souls, all wanting more in life.

The pain of…
  • Careers and jobs not feeling good
  • A bully boss that just won’t let up
  • Being overlooked for a promotion
  • Knowing they are good at what they do and they don’t know how to do more
  • Not being able to speak up when they need to and blowing it when they do
  • Fearful of repeating the same trends and getting stuck in the same way in the next job

There is a new way….it involves leaving past programming, leaving our stories and letting go of the low vibrational energy that drags us down!

There is a MAJOR fundamental to change that makes change a difficult place to navigate. This fundamental aspect of change is that the NEW normal is uncertainty until the new normal arrives. It doesn’t feel good. It feels wrong and weird and — OMG! We ask:

  • “Who am I while I leave the past?”
  • “How can I do something I have never done before?”
  • “Who am I while I decide that my old habits have to go?”

When human beings are faced with uncertainty they will cling to what they know. What we know is who we are and how the world works. I call it our “self-view” and our “worldview”.

These views are entrenched in our minds so much that we think it is the way the world works and we think it is “just the way I am”. These programmed habits of us keep us clinging to what we know as the only thing we have.

Isn’t it ironic that when we want to change it feels uncertain and therefore we cling to what we know! And, therefore we don’t move. We rationalize we don’t have the time, we don’t have the energy (after all our energy is exhausted keeping up the facade at work).

Clinging to the past and the current reality CANNOT possibly move you. Bailing out on uncertainty is not the answer. Holding steady and changing your thought patterns is what makes a new reality for you.

I know about creating new opportunity. I know about re-inventing myself, imagining new opportunity for myself, I know about lifting others into this brave new world!

Your NEW vision and a new reality of YOU are necessary to moving toward the new YOU.

On my clarity call I ask about the obstacles holding you back and the future YOU.

The future you question gets the energy of the future stirred up. Everyone (including me) feels the energy and vision of the future. This FEELS GOOD! This idea of a new you feels great. It is the energy of possibility and the wonderful energy that creates universes. Yes, the energy of your future vision elevates your energy so much it stirs the energy of the future.

This phenomenon is a standard in quantum physics. Physicists have known for decades that energy and matter are the same. Remember Einstein’s E=mc2? This tells us that energy and matter are the same. Thoughts and feelings are energy. And this is exactly how we create anything. We move our energy toward a new future (matter materializing, like the new job).

Trouble is…..as soon as we imagine this new future–we start thinking about how to do it. And we get overwhelmed. Uncertainty and doubt pour into the gap of our NOW and THE FUTURE.

As a coach it is my passion to take you by the hand and help you through this difficult time. This uncertainty is where we invite critics. We invite critics and doubters to match our own uncertainty. That way we can stay where we are and we feel a sense of relief when we stay where we are, because we get overwhelmed with doing something we have not done before.

One small step at a time, one positive experience

I can do this, I know who I am ….. You begin to feel a new ME form and the uncertainty melts as you place your feet on new matter…. of a new life.

You breathe…you add confidence and our soul says, thank you!

Let’s make this happen and toss out the critics and eliminate the doubt. Time to move to where your soul is begging to be seen and heard, your next GREAT STEP in your career and life.

Want to feel the beginning of the future you? Or to learn how to make the change? When will you finally declare it is your time?

If you have had a clarity call with me, you know the feeling of increased energy and it feels good. If you have worked with me you know the increased sense of self and the excitement of new habits and new feelings which have begun to create a new reality. This is science, this is known laws of how the Universe works.

Some of you have landed your dream jobs, canceled out negativity in your lives and know your alignment. I am honored to have worked with you and I love watching you “get it”.

To those of you who I have been honored to work with– let’s keep it going.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” Many have said. Let’s get the energy moving toward YOUR new YOU, career and life!

BOOK YOUR CLARITY CALL NOW. You want to move and make 2017 THE YEAR? Let’s go!