3 Ways to Stop Laboring so Hard for Success

Is there too much labor in your career?

Today we celebrate the contributions of American workers in the USA….Labor Day!

Congratulations to all of us and now…

I want to throw it on its head a bit to create more ease in your life.

You see…there may be too much labor in your career!

Are you plagued with a syndrome I see all too often in my coaching practice?

Working hard to prove you are worthy?  

Prove you are worth it? (the money– what $$$)?

Prove you are ready to be promoted?

You may be trying too hard, making yourself too valuable where you are and burning your candle to the end!

STOP the insanity!
Each week in my Kick Ass Career Course I coach women to shift.
Massive. SHIFTS.

About how they define work and their effort.

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SHIFTS are what it is all about.

SHIFTS in energy.

SHIFTS in thought energy.

There is an all encompassing energy field around each of us (see Albert Einstein and others).

This energy field is affected by how we think.

(See the massive amount of studies describing wave-particle duality.)

There is no EFFORT needed to affect the energy field–no LABOR involved in changing your life for the better. Replace the LABOR with more positive thoughts! (I am calling it LABOR today to recognize the US Holiday where we celebrate effort).

Borrowing from Wikipedia:

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

Our workers are amazing.  The US (and lots of immigrants) can be proud of what we have accomplished over the 200+ years as a nation. Your career, however, is fuelled more by your thoughts than by your labor, or effort.

The Law of Attraction exists every minute of our lives, dictating what happens in this energy field in which we exist.

In this energy field, like attracts like. Like thoughts attract like experiences and reality. Proof positive, I see it every day in my life and those I coach!

Here are a few reminders to get more results from less labor in your career:

  1. Your daily energy is fuelled by your level of joy. Be more joyful and you will see more joy in the world. Your ability to be as excited as if your bright future was already here in this physical realm is a huge part of your success. BE JOYFUL.
  2. Stop focusing on what you don’t want. This is the “IS-NESS”. When we focus on what we have each day and typically stay on what isn’t working and how bad we have it….we get more of that. Because our thoughts create our reality. So, relax, and change your thoughts NOW. No need to blame or shame yourself, maybe no one told you this important fact. If no one told you about gravity you’d be confused also. START to put your thoughts toward what you want and the wonderful things in your life. Abundant air, prosperous cars around us, look at all the shopping centers…prosperity. Now, feel what it will feel like when you have what you want personally. FEEL it NOW and feel it as many times as you can.
  3. Get clear on what you want. Many of the folks my team and I speak to on our Free Career Clarity Calls have many interests, have ideas that are wide and broad AND typically confused about whether they want to make more money.
    1. Two truths here: when you aren’t clear about what you want you are sending out a mixed signal. It is like listening to a radio station for 3 seconds at a time and trying to enjoy the song. Hit the station you want and allow your desires to fuel your actions.
    2. When you have conflict about money it tends not to show up. Money hears your thoughts also! Imagine a friend that you were like…..whatever. She’s not going to bother coming around much if you don’t show her love, have fun and enjoy her company. We are all told lots of stories about money. A few I know to be true…money is the root of all philanthropy and money can buy fun stuff. When we have fun and give to others we are in a really great place. That place attracts more great fun and giving! SOLID!

So…. take the labor out of the equation this Labor Day.

We have entered a new millennium, we know about the power of energy, the power of the Law of Attraction and all we can do to feel and BE when we line up with our amazing thoughts, get clear and honor the fact that life well lived means having the means to do so!
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