We are bringing back the best of the best for the end of the year!

This week on the “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature, EVERYONE!

From Cookbook authors, to biographies, animal welfare books, CEO’s of eco-conscious companies, healthcare presidents, publishers, executive recruiters, we heard a lot of what makes these successful people AHEAD of the Curve! Each brought to MOST LIFE a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at life and work.

A few memorable insights:

  1. Listen to everyone on your team
  2. Listen to your customers
  3. If no one else is doing it, why not start a company and DO IT!
  4. Let’s be good stewards of the planet
  5. Tell stories to inspire others
  6. Tell stories to open our eyes of those less fortunate
  7. We are all here to live our purpose.

2015 is going to be grand with all of this inspiration to lead the way!

Are You Living Your MOST LIFE !?

ahead of the curve 2