What do you notice? How can you speak UP?


This week is “S” for Speaking

Speaking is one of our greatest tools. There are people who make a difference by speaking up. There are heroes who have spoken up and created great movements. One of my favorites is Mother Theresa, a gentle, yet fierce soul who never wanted to fight or rebel, she wanted to serve. One of her most famous quotes is, “do it anyway”. Be happy, be kind, treat others with love, strive to be your best, people will judge or tear you down, do it anyway. I am paraphrasing here, but her words resonate with me everyday.

Why do her words stay long after she is gone? Because she saw more in the world and spoke up. She also said, “if you judge you have no energy to love.” Her words are powerful, because she observed and felt her world, then matched words to her deep insights and feelings. Where do those feelings come from? Why do some people speak and they change the world? Some people speak and they create new companies, new movements.

Here at MOST LIFE we open our “Ahead of the Curve” to many of these people. Why? Because we all need to learn from those who know how to use their insights and move people. Words move people, how can we all have this?

We are all inspired and have an internal voice. Just how can we use this to move our life forward? How can we become the voice in our world that moves ourselves and others? Follow along on this week’s IDEAsheet and reflect on your ability to hear your inner voice and inspire those around you. We don’t all need to change the world, but how about those closest to us? How about using your inner voice to move YOU? What do you notice that you need to speak up about? We all need to be heard because all of us have something to say.

We all are here to make a difference. It is in speaking up in our world that we will make our mark. After all, we are all here to make our mark. In large and small ways, we make our mark. Where can you speak up and move your world?

Download the IDEAsheet and be the voice that will matter.

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We will feature Author of Cancer-Us, Dywuana Sykes, A friend and fellow breast cancer survivor– the “Ahead of the Curve” conversation is so moving, I was in tears for some of it.

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