What you do know may hurt you!

Here at MOST LIFE we cover of our eight themes each week

This week we cover “I” for Intelligence

Intelligence is a great asset, it allows us to think through problems, avoid problems and construct new solutions to make a problem obsolete. Intelligence has caused human kind to evolve and survive. Ah, but what about when we think we know something, but we don’t? Isn’t intellect a crutch? We hang on to our thinking because it got us where we are today. For the most part we like where we are, we know it, we understand it, it is comfortable.

It is comfortable to think what we are eating is right and good for us. It is comfortable to know that wearing our seat belts is safer. These things have been studied, right? Smart people are telling us these facts, they are backed up by science. One of my favorite historical figures is Galileo. He said “the EARTH is NOT the center of the universe, it is the SUN!” His Intelligence threatened the very foundations of the world-view (literally) of the time. He disagreed with the Church’s teachings, Galileo was nearly killed for thinking a new way. We all know, NOW, that he was right. What was his life like to know something so different than EVERYONE around him?

He disagreed with those in authority and those who paid him. Have you ever known something that was against the tide? Have you ever fought for your position only to later find out, YOU were wrong? Intellect is a tricky dance partner. If we stick with something we tend to believe it to be true. Politicians say, “if you repeat something often enough, it becomes truth.”

How do we handle challenges to our intellect? How do we challenge our own thinking? DO we? How about we take some of our thinking out for a spin and let’s see if we can learn a new way of thinking about something? Does this sound painful? Or exciting?

Use the week’s IDEAsheet to reflect on some thinking that needs to be challenged OR check out something you “think” you know, find out the details.

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