What You MUST Begin NOW– Preparing the WAY!

Preparing the Way - NOW

Happy Holidays and May You Enjoy the bounty of life this week and beyond!

A reflection for you…..

The #1 Problem with getting what you want in life (and at Holidays!) can be summed up in 3 main topics.




These are not always talked about in the Law of Attraction, or as I like to say, the Law of Life (because it is always working, it is always “ON” and it never gets it wrong).

In this Holiday season…we see exactly how to make ready— chances are (if you are traditional Christmas or Hanukkah or another traditional winter celebration) your home looks different than it did in September.

You have thought, felt and prepared for something new – decorations, perhaps food, ready to receive more.

This is precisely how we manifest for EVERYTHING.

If you want more, you need to do this for your life– no matter what you DO or don’t do, you get what you think about, feel and prepare for.

The Law of how you get what you desire has very predictable steps, when you follow them….voila!

I am doing a special FB LIVE NEW YEARS EVE! Watch for it!

Avoid the trap of getting the same results next year— let’s change this!

Ready to dive in now?


The Law is always working, so I can tell you what you have been preparing for based on what you have. If you are still decorated for Halloween– I know what you have been thinking, feeling and preparing for–it is obvious….

And, chances are, you would have all the reasons why this is so…

“Too busy, there have been external circumstances,

time got away from me,”

“I thought I still had time.”

“I had no money to do anything differently.”

This is the ultimate responsibility equation—-are you still in the same place you were?

I know what is inside based on what is in your life….it is true.

You have in your life what you have been thinking about, how you’ve been feeling and what you are ready to receive.

Most people aren’t BEING or DOING anything differently and they are “saying” they want more.

You cannot greet something NEW — with the same decorations and party of last Holiday!

It is impossible to HAVE something MORE AND NEW if you are not readying yourself.


You have what you are thinking about, what you are feeling and what you have prepared for.

It is THE LAW!

The same thinking habits,

“I am not getting a promotion.”

“I work so hard and no one appreciates it”

“Those under qualified people always zoom ahead of me.”

“People with money are jerks.”


These thoughts (and many more) are exactly what is dimming your chances for more.

These thoughts bring you more of what you are thinking and they cause you to FEEL the same and they cause you to ACT the same.

This week, as you have more time to reflect:

  1. Take inventory of your thoughts, feelings and what you have done to prepare for more.

  2. Anchor your feelings of how you would think if you were the new Director of a department. Think what she thinks, feel what she feels. AND–

  3. Prepare BEING her, NOW!!

What will you do each morning as the new Vice President?

What will you BE? Toward others? In traffic?

Who will you be in the office? Who will you be on conference calls?

Don’t let one more day go where you are BEING and DOING the same.

Wanting more is your soul’s destiny.

SO– you must prepare!

The gifts come when you expect and act as if!!

This week, take inventory of what you are thinking, feeling and IF you have prepared for more.

Take a lesson from the season….

”prepare ye the way”

See you next week for a SUPER year end SESSION!!

This week– get yourself ready for a new YOU!

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Follow Your soul’s urging……it’s not just your career, it’s your life—commit to yourself NOW!

See you soon!

Your Kick Ass Career Coach,


P.S.  A happy client brought a smile to my heart!!

“ I was at a low point when I joined, gremlins were in control, I was going to lose my job and the negative thinking was making me sick. As soon as Mo said she knew I could do this and that I owe it to myself, I started to believe in myself again. Soon after I had job interviews, received both offers, turned down one offer and received a counter offer I can only dream of!  I have learned so much and I am forever indebted to you, Mo”

Marie, California