What’s Up with Getting Bullied at Work?

We’ve seen it all lately!

Or have we?

I’ve been there and I’m a #MeToo participant.

Why are we seeing another abuse of power?

Why are we seeing another opportunity for people to step forward and say, “NO MORE!”

I was raised Catholic and when the Catholic priest sexual abuse was uncovered….so long it took to finally be exposed, I was mortified, but also knew how common it was for that sort of power abuse.

I’ve seen bosses ignore problems, belittle people, yell in such a way as if it was out of a horror movie.

So surprised and shocked each time.

So many times I said to myself, “I don’t have what it take to be successful because I can’t be a bully.”

Now, mind you, sometimes I found times where I felt so backed into a corner that I may have been. It is easy to get frustrated, angry and demanding in the workplace.

Let me tell you, raising teenagers brought out the worst in me.

What is up with people in power having to BE that way to Be the boss?

Why is it that it seems like so many men have bullied others to get where they are?

And why do we take it?

It is impossible to be vulnerable and subordinate and speak up.

It truly is…and every now and then…. The impossible happens.

A vulnerable person says, “no more!”

Rosa Parks is an easy example….there are so many more!

Many of us are put in situations that test us.

Situations that demand a higher version of us.

Can we look at this recent exposure as another unfolding of the human experience?

The role of bullies is to bring forward the vulnerable. It is to bring out the problems.

For if humanity didn’t have the pushing and the yelling and the bullying, we wouldn’t have something to measure our growth and progress.

It is our opportunity to look around and ask ourselves, what are we doing about the bullying where we are?

What are we being called to stand up for?

When will we step up and say, “NO!”?

I do hope for all of us that great compassion waves through all of humanity.

I do hope that bullies are exposed, haters are shown a new way and that we all see that each of our lives may have pieces of bullying and hate and pushing.  

Time to learn how to step into your power.

Time to build yourself up on the inside so the voice is powerful and heard!

Time to know that you are worth more than putting up with a situation that doesn’t feel good and not stay anywhere that tears you down!

Find the strength of your SOUL and take yourself UP!

It is time to take responsibility for our role.

It is time to understand what makes this go on.

It is time to cure what is in us that allows it.

It is time to take a stand.

It is time to leave bad situations.

It is time to know that this is not a permanent situation, but one of evolution.

It is time to BE the change, by taking it up in our lives.

Find a new job.

Stand up for those wronged….but let them speak.

Find peace in your life.

Create peace where ever you go.

In our families, let us stop picking apart each other.

In our families let us stop pointing to problems and focusing on drama.

In our lives, let us choose love and peace and do what we can.

I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer today:

“Lord, Let me have the patience to accept the things I cannot change,

The strength to change the things I can and

The wisdom to know the difference.”

Let us all endeavor to make the world a better place, right where we are!

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