3 Ways to Handle Life: “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I was “fired” (ok, downsized, re-organization, call it what you will, I lost my job) 6 times in my wonderfully successful career as a healthcare executive. I finished on a high note, but trust me there were times when it felt like it had crumbled for good!

One time I lost my job was within days of our house getting robbed! All our jewelry, every darn piece and $1000 cash that we never have around the house, but we just came back from a vacation and there it was hidden in a drawer. Hidden! And they got it! Burglar alarm and all- we sat at a movie as the calls from the alarm station came in. We rushed home, violated.

I was let go as CEO of a physician practice the day of a positive mammogram. I took the morning to get my annual exam, I was 6 months late to get the scan, too busy, too much to do. They fired me after 4 years of hands down success.

6 months later after a few consulting gigs to hold me over, I started a fantastic new job at a company I admired and 8 weeks later I was told I needed a double mastectomy to stop the growing cancer from taking my life.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I ought to know the answer having faced these and many other obstacles.

The Universe is an expanding source of energy.

WE are an expanding source of energy.

The only way for us to truly expand as higher versions of ourselves is to bang up against things we don’t like or want in life. Only then can we truly grow. This contrast brings us the challenge and we either go into growth, or shrink into a painful smaller version of ourselves.

The world needs us to grow as much as we need it for ourselves!

I have the scars, I have the memories of feeling my livelihood taken away. I have the real opportunities for expansion that most of the time, I cried and complained and bitched and moaned before I could take the lesson.

We aren’t defined by our “bad things happening”, we are defined through them.

Each bad happening is like a walk in a scary jungle.

Will we seek shelter when needed? Will we rely on help to navigate it? Will we stretch and allow the hurt to force us to be stronger?

OR…will we drop the crushing weight and stammer away, shrinking and getting smaller?

Will we avoid the lesson? Will we avoid the painful growth?

We are defined by HOW we handle the bad things that happen to us good people.

They will come our way, it is the state of life on the physical planet, it is the only way to grow and find our true self.
Our true self is found deep within when we are faced with adversity.

Our true self is found in our ability to learn, grow and come out of the pain with a deeper sense of who we are, what we are capable of and rising above the circumstances.

You see, our ability to be in our alignment with our soul’s power and be affected as little as possible by outside noise, is our ONLY way to achieve inner peace.

I look for opportunities to “be independent of the good opinion of others”.

This sense of freedom, this ability to stay centered and aligned in the face of a storm, is the best way to live.

Here are 3 techniques for staying in tune with your higher self as the chaos and calamity come your way:

  1. Know what you want your life to look like. When we have a strong sense and visual of what we want in life, we can stay the course through the storms. When we are clear on what it looks like and what we are going for, it is important to feel it as often as possible. Staying in the state of the life we want, even in the storm of no, will help us in difficult times. In my latest webinar, I teach you how to create a destination worthy of you. Learn more here: Claim Your Spot.
  2. Stop trying to please everyone else. In many ways, this wonderful giving self is keeping her focus off her own needs. When your focus is all the external needs (and they will never stop wanting your attention), we lose focus on us. You cannot truly serve or give to another when your “cup” is empty. You need to reduce the ones pulling you off track and making their needs higher than yours. Fill your cup and be your best ally, then the others’ need to make more sense.
  3. Take time to be in the moment. When life hands us a crap-pie, we can’t ignore what it feels like. Take just enough time to feel it so you gain the necessary leverage to change it. “I don’t ever want to feel this again,” or “this can’t ever happen to another person,” are great phrases to use to turn our tragedy into our triumph.

Not only do I know that these steps help me and others I coach every day, I have seen amazing changes in others as they step into their journey, their pain and learn and grow and be the person that is strong and fierce. Strong and fierce through purpose driven action and presence, not through revenge and anger.

Take stock of your setbacks and own them. Your setbacks are lessons turned inward.

Be bold in your resolve to be more you. Learn How to stay in Your GPS.

Be bold in your ability to summon your soul’s power and emerge stronger.

Be bold in living, because you are defined by how you move through your pain.

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Lovingly wishing you no more bad tidings.

Your Kick Ass Coach,

Mo Faul